How to Generate Over $10,000 with a 30-Day Online Program – Part 1

When a nutritionist posted in my Facebook group that she generated over $10,000 with her very first 30-day online coaching program, I was blown away (truth be told, she was too!)

She used one of my done-for-you programs as the basis of her program, and not only did her first launch generate $10,000, but the second time she launched it a short time later, she generated $25,000!  Amazing, right?  In case you’re wondering, the price point for her program was only $97! 

I’m sure you’re wondering how she did it.  Well, fortunately, Paola was kind enough to share exactly how she did it, and we absolutely love her simple, but incredibly effective approach!

Not only is she sharing the scoop on her marketing strategies, but we also dive into how she is able to balance her online program with her full-time job as a traveling clinical nutritionist!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • A full breakdown of which marketing strategies Paola used to generate over $10,000 from the first launch of her online program (check out the screenshot below of her post in Kathleen’s customer support Facebook group)
  • How free consultations are key for promotion and lead generation
  • How YOU can simplify your online program creation with a done-for-you program (the exact same one that Paola used!)

If you’d like to learn how you can create and market your online program, tune in so you can learn from what Paola did to earn over $10,000 with her 30-day online program!

Plus, if you want to simplify your online program creation even more, check out Kathleen’s 30-Day Fit and Healthy Jump Start done-for-you program or (Business Success Bundle) and get 20% OFF until August 31st with the coupon code: WBP112

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