Video blog post By:  Laura Madden, Style + Self-Image Coach

Does getting on camera and making videos feel much too awkward for you to digest? Good! You’re normal.

Getting on camera can seem extremely vulnerable. Most of us have fear around exposing ourselves on that level. But, when you’re in the business of helping people improve their health, you need to do everything you can to share it with the masses. At this point in time, people really need your help! Getting on video is the single most effective way to do it, and it is basically free!


Getting over whatever is holding you back is not far off. I know. I’ve been down the very same road that you have. For a very long time my own fear, insecurities and perceived social judgments held me back from doing something I really wanted to do and knew I could do. I’m sharing with you the top 3 things I used to finally get myself on camera.

We all have to find what works for us to get over that fear to just put ourselves out there and do it. Once I nailed down what got me more excited about sharing my work with the world, instead of being fearful of being seen, I was on a roll. If it worked for me, it can work for you too.

  1. Focus on getting it DONE not PERFECT! PERFECT will NEVER come! You can always be better at something, so you can’t let that stop you. There is no special equipment or lighting needed to start making videos. Once you start, the learning curve is set in motion. Without even trying, your videos will continue to improve. Just start and keep moving forward! Ask for feedback and pay attention to how people respond. Focus on the big picture, which is sharing your message with as many people as you can and helping the people you are meant to help.
  1. Place the focus on others, not on you. The more you listen to your fear of getting on camera and what people might think of you, the more limitations you perceive in your head, and the more scary it gets. When you focus on being of service to others, and how much you are going to help the people you reach, it is hard to let your fear come between you and your mission. By fixating on the lives you are going to change, your goal becomes very powerful- bigger than you. This is my favorite way to turn down the volume on fear, vulnerability and insecurity, and up the confidence to get on video, and share your work with as many people as you can.
  1. PERSONALITY! Bring the real you! Be yourself! People will LOVE you for it! Authenticity creates connection and trust! By showing who you really are, instead of trying to be perfectly well-spoken and polished, people will find you more relatable- in other words, likable. And remember, at the end of the day, people buy from people they like and trust.

There you have it! Three simple, practical tips you can start using today to cultivate confidence to get on video and start sharing yourself with more people. Remember, practice makes perfect (wink, wink). Just start and set the intention to improve in some way each time you get on camera. I know you have an important message and work that needs to be shared with the world. But if people can’t see you, then they can’t hire you! Get yourself out there, get on video, and get visible. You will be empowered in the process, more than you know. You have everything you need. Just start!

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About Laura Madden: 

Laura Madden is a women’s empowerment coach helping women entrepreneurs to elevate their image & gain confidence to become the face and spokesmodel of their brand. Laura empowers women to cultivate charisma and an irresistible image by infusing their personal style and self- expression into their media content, photos, and videos, so they can attract their ideal clients.