3 Things Every Instagram Bio Should Include

Did you know that one of the fastest ways to grab the attention of your ideal clients on Instagram is with your bio?  You only have 150 characters to relay what you do in a way that will capture the attention of prospects and lead them to find out more.  When your followers see your posts or they check you out because you’ve followed them or sent them a DM, your bio is going to determine if they follow you back (or not) and take the next step.

Because we know how important your Instagram bio is (it’s like your mini business card, only better), we did Instagram bio audits for some of our members of the Wellness Business Insider’s Club and since they found it so valuable, we decided to share it with you!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The 3 components you must include in your Instagram bio to attract your ideal clients
  • How to expertly craft an Instagram bio that converts
  • The importance of a bio that has simple, clear and concise messaging with a specific call to action
  • …plus 3 extra must-haves that will make you stand out among others on Instagram

If you feel like you aren’t attracting your ideal clients from your Instagram efforts, chances are you need to optimize your Instagram bio, so tune in to learn what you need to include in yours!

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