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Kathleen LeGrys

Hi, I’m Kathleen LeGrys, founder and owner of Health Coach Solutions

You probably already know that business and marketing coaches stress the importance of having a low-cost, entry-level product, offer or program to build your business. It’s the gateway that gets your audience into your sales funnel for something they NEED to have (at a low price)… And once they buy from you, they stay and buy over and over again.

That’s why marketing experts say…

“You Need A Low Cost Entry-Level Offer, Product Or Program To Build Your Business…”


You probably realize this is a fantastic idea, but you may not have the hours it takes to put it all together. I get it, believe me!

It’s Hard To Focus On Building Your Own Low Cost Offer Because You Know It Will Take A TON Of Work and you’re busy focusing on other areas of your business.

So You’ve Been Putting It Off

Because of the work… The time commitment… The effort that it will take and just the limited amount of energy and resources you haveYou’ve put off creating an entry-level offer for your health coaching business. The good news is…

Now You Can Take All The Work Out Of Program Creation.

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Health Coach Solutions™

The Fit & Healthy 30 Day Jump Start

The Entry-Level Program To Help You Grow Your Business – Already Developed For You!

You don’t need to take the time to develop an entry-level program for your audience. All you need to do is get the 30 Day Jumpstart. Everything you need to attract new paying customers is included…

From the sales copy and program materials right down to the “what’s next” guidelines that will show you how to turn your new customers into long-term private clients in your own high-profit personal coaching programs!

Just Plug It In, Start Selling. And…


Discover the hidden profit goldmine that you’re sitting on right now (here’s a hint: it’s the current followers you have who haven’t purchased anything from you yet). All you have to do is plug in the done for you promotional emails and you’re ready to promote your program.


Take the time, energy, and effort out of program creation. Seriously, there’s no reason to spend your valuable time creating your own programs when you have the 30 Day Jumpstart all set and ready to go…


Get access to marketing materials and ideas that you’ll use to follow up with your new prospects and lead them into your premium programs that will help you double, triple, or even quadruple your profit…


And much, much more!

You’ll Spend Less Time Working and More Time Earning.

Just Take A Look At What Health Coaches Are Saying About The Offer You Can Brand As Your Own to Start Generating Revenue NOW…

This 30-Day program is AWESOME! The promotional photos are eye-catching which grab the attention of potential participants and future clients. The challenge is made to perfection. I had over 50 participants and gained 5 health coaching clients from the challenge! Kathleen also includes great additional materials that are excellent to use as extra bonuses or for creating an opt-in for your mailing list. I can’t wait to purchase more products soon.

Jennifer Castro, CHC

I love this program and how I can customize it to fit my demographic and make it my own. I enrolled 26 people on my first go around and now I have something I can use again and again. Your programs are what got the ball rolling for me to take action, instead of being paralyzed by not knowing where to start.  Thank you for putting this together, not only has it helped me in being able to launch faster than I could have on my own, it has given me the tools and inspiration to do more of what I love, and that is coaching others to be healthy.

Pam DeSalvo, CHC

I was absolutely blown away with the amount of detail in the program that was included. From the promotional materials, emails and ideas, not to mention the Facebook support group; it was better than I anticipated. I am very happy with this and it is an excellent value. Kathleen is great to work with also and very responsive. It would take hours and hours to write this program, create and edit marketing content, and get it all organized, but this has everything done and organized for you! Thanks for going beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to get people signed up!

Tiffany Boutwell, NC, HHP

Here’s Exactly Why

The Fit & Healthy 30 Day Jump Start Will Double, Triple, Or Quadruple Your Profit:

You Get…


A Complete Plug-In And Profit Product – Get ready to share with your audience a complete health and wellness program that will help them set goals and achieve results so that they’ll come back to you over and over again. Available in Canva slide decks, PowerPoint and Google docs.


4 Weeks Of Done-For-You Content – All you need to do is brand the 30 Day Jump Start as your own, and use the included promotional materials to get people interested. Once they buy, you have 4 weeks of content ready to share.


Social Media Content – Ready for you to share with your audience to generate excitement and interest to join your program!


Promotional Emails – Completely done for you –  just customize the message to match your personality and branding send to your email subscribers to invite them to join your 30-Day Jump Start.


Complete Getting Started Guide – You’ll know exactly what to do every step of the way. You’ll get a step-by-step guide to make it easy to implement and deliver.


Video Tutorials – Step-by-step tutorials to walk you through setting up your program with ease (using the free version of MailerLite and Canva).


And More! Just keep scrolling down to see everything that’s included. Plus, don’t miss the message on the bottom of this page because I’m going to give you the opportunity to try everything that’s included risk-free!

And Here’s Exactly What Your New Paying Clients Will Get When They Purchase the 30 Day Jump Start From You…


4 Week, Focused Online Program with healthy eating tips, motivation, exercise strategies, success planning and goal setting… A complete 30 day jump start for your audience.

  • Week #1 – Whole Foods – Focus on the quality of calories, not just the number of calories
  • Week #2 – Exercise – Finding an exercise routine you can stick to, long-term
  • Week #3 – Keeping Energized – Eat at regular intervals; don’t skip meals
  • Week #4 – Plan Ahead for Success – Meal planning made easy

Detailed Content Emails done-for-you and ready to send. You’ll send a new email each week with content and thoughts for the week to engage and excite…


Delicious, Nutritious Recipes to help your audience experience the results that will keep them coming back to you over and over again…


Grocery Shopping Guide designed to help 30 day jumpstart participants make healthy, in-season choices at the grocery store…


Smoothies and Juice Recipes with 11 innovative ideas for delicious and nutritional smoothies and juices that your clients will love trying…


Motivational Tips and techniques that you’ll share to generate excitement and keep your new customers focused on their goals…


A Healthy Snack Ideas Guide with just enough information to provide guidance and the opportunity to expand with personal advice that creates a “begging to buy” more from you new customer attitude…


Healthy Eating on the Go tip sheet to help make healthy choices while on the go.


The Menu Planning Worksheet that will make the 30 day jump start a success for your health coaching business…


Ideal Exercise Planning Worksheet developed to keep your new customers on track and experiencing results… 6 Tips For Healthy, Whole Foods Guide to fuel your new customers healthy choices and leave them asking you for more help…


Body Weight And Measurement Tracking guidelines that help track the results your audience will experience…


And Much, Much, More!

A Complete 30 Day Health and Wellness Program – Done-For-You.

Just Brand It, Make It Your Own, and Launch


Complete Sales Page: Know exactly what to say on your sales page to compel more people to sign up with done-for-you sales page copy.


Promotional Emails: A complete set of promotional emails, just send to your email list and instantly attract more paying customers.


Customizable Graphics: Edit and customize graphics in Canva to make it easy.


Getting Started Guide and checklist: Your step-by-step guide to launching your jump start.


Support: You’ll have access to my private customer-only Facebook group for support, and networking with other coaches.

Get The Done-For-You Offer That

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The First Time You Use It.

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Make The Fit & Healthy Jumpstart Your Own,

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All you have to do is click “order now” above and get the complete license to use 30 Day Jumpstart in your business. You’ll get everything you need to brand it, make the program your own, promotes, and market it to your existing audience or to completely cold traffic.   Here’s the best part…

You have nothing to lose I Give You My Personal:

Try It And Profit Guarantee!

You can try this program in your health coaching business for 30 days, and if you don’t like it for any reason, I will refund your money.

100% money back guarantee label (vector)

Get The Unlimited License to Re-Brand, Personalize, and Sell Your Own 30 Day Jumpstart Today

Try It Risk FREE!

This done-for-you program gives you ALL the tools you need to launch your own MEGA-SUCCESSFUL Online Jump Start.


Who can launch and facilitate this program?

This Jump Start is a great program for health coaches, nutritionists and other wellness professionals who want to have a lower-priced, short-term offer for their audience that can lead to longer-term clients.

Is this an advanced level program?

Since this is a Jump Start, it’s intended to be a good starter program, and a great way to introduce your other services.  It is not an advanced level program.  There are 4 foundational habits that are featured over the 30 days; one habit per week. It’s the perfect way to get people back on track.

Does this program follow any particular dietary format?

This program allows you to add your own approach or let participants come to their own conclusion for what works best for them. The recipe guides include a selection of options for vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and traditional meals. There are 11 juice and smoothie recipes (all are vegan). There are 23 recipes in the “Delicious, Healthy Meal Guide”  (6 breakfast, 11 lunch, 6 dinner). 17 recipes are either already vegan, or can be easily made vegan by switching to something like a non-dairy yogurt. There are a few recipes for fish/chicken.

All of the written program content can be edited.

Does this program include a meal plan?

This program comes with a great selection of healthy recipes, but they are not meal plans. juices) that are included. You can also add some of your own recipes if you would like.

Are there specific exercises that are a part of the jump start?

Since you’ll find that people are all at different fitness levels and have different goals, this program is designed for the participants to find what works for them. In week #2 on the strategy of exercise, you’ll cover why it’s not about “all or nothing” thinking and how finding time, even for 10-30 minutes most days, can be beneficial. This is not a ‘Drop and give me 20!’ type of a challenge or a ‘Do this exercise every day’ challenge. There is a list of ideas for exercises and the program encourages participants to find something they enjoy.

Can this program be run in person?

The 30-Day Jump Start is designed to be used as an online program, but it can also be used as a in-person, group program if you choose. There are 4 weekly strategies during the 30 days that can help participants make small, gradual changes to help them reach their goals.

Can I customize the program and brand it as my own?

Absolutely. This is YOUR program! The slide decks and graphics are customizable in Canva (the free version) so you can customize as you wish. You can change the program length, title and content to fit your needs too.

How much should I charge for my Jump Start program?

Great question! This depends on a few things really. If you plan to add extra support for 30 days, such as group calls, videos, workouts etc. you would charge more than you would if you were offering just the Jump Start content and a Facebook support group. What you charge is totally up to you. Many coaches charge $29 – $47 for the 30 days (that means generating $580 for 20 participants at only $29). Coaches and trainers who are adding more to it (weekly group coaching calls and/or workouts) are charging up to $97 per person.  Look at it as a gateway to your other programs after the Jump Start is over. I provide you with ideas on how to introduce your other coaching programs at the end of the Jump Start.

Will I know what to do?

You will be so impressed with the level of detail in this program. I leave nothing to guess-work here. I have done many short-term programs over the years, so you are getting the best of the best as far as content and instructions for exactly how to promote, launch, fill and facilitate your program. You will also have ongoing support from me (and many other coaches) in a private Facebook support group. You can stay in the group as long as you want, since the support is ongoing. Many coaches do their Jump Start programs more than once a year!