The 6-Part Formula for Growing Your Wellness Business


Spoiler alert: There is no magic pill when it comes to building your wellness business, but there is a proven formula you can follow that will expedite your growth and success. Just like you probably tell your coaching clients, it takes work and it takes consistency to see results.  Don’t make the mistake of chasing the next sparkly object that you think will be the answer because it will still take implementing this 6-part formula in order to see progress and success – no matter what.

One of the most common questions I see in my Health Coach Biz Support Facebook group is “What do I need to do to get clients?”  I know it can feel confusing, but the good news is that I have a 6-part formula to share with you for growing your wellness business and when you follow it, you will see results. Your goal is to keep the customer journey in mind because this is how you take them from becoming aware of you to eventually becoming a client.

Think of the customer journey as taking people through these 3 stages:  Awareness -> Connection/Trust -> Conversion (to becoming a client).

Multiple touchpoints with you, over time, is what builds trust and leads to people enrolling in your programs.

Let’s dive into the 6-part formula for growing your wellness business. If you want a PDF copy of this formula, you can grab it here for free.


1. Know WHO it is you want to serve and HOW you help them reach a goal or overcome a problem (be very specific and not general or ‘wish washy’).

Will a 10-year old understand what you do without giving you a blank stare?  If your messaging is something like “I help women find their inner goddess so they can live their best life” – that is an example of being vague and wishy-washy.  You want your niche statement to be very obvious so people can tell right away if you are for them or not. One example of this would be “I help moms transition their families to gluten-free living without the confusion, so they can prepare delicious meals the whole family will love.” Very specific, right?  For more on figuring out your niche, listen to our 3-part series on this topic on The Wellness Business Podcast where we did a mini-training to help you finally nail this.


2. Have a clear solution to their problem (your coaching program).

When you know who it is you help and how you help them, it’s easier to convey that your program is their solution.  Naming your program something that communicates the outcome they will receive makes it easy for people to understand you can help them. In the example I used above about gluten-free living for moms, your program could be called something like “Gluten-Free Made Easy” or “Gluten-Free Jump Start” then add a subtitle that explains who it’s for.  An example of a subtitle for this could be “Your 30-Day Plan to go from OMG to Gluten-Free with Ease.”  Your subtitle would be based on what you know are your ideal client’s top concerns and struggles, so it helps them see how it will benefit them.


3. Build AWARENESS.  Get exposure on a consistent basis, so people get to know you, your personality, and the solution you offer.

Examples of building awareness include options such as:

  • Livestream video
  • Instagram Stories
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • Running a 5-7 day challenge
  • Being a guest on podcasts
  • Hosting workshops or webinars
  • Being a guest on online summits or produce your own summit
  • YouTube channel
  • Reach out to potential referral partners

These are just a few ideas to give you a place to start. What appeals to you the most right now? Start with one thing and build from there.


4. GIVE. Share helpful tips and resources and also include stories about your own journey and personal anecdotes that will help people get to know you as a person. See part #3 above for ways to give value and share your message. If you enjoy video, use livestreaming to communicate the value you want to share in the way of 3-5 minute videos where you share 1-2 tips at a time and always have a call to action at the end to either join your Facebook group, sign up for one of your freebies, book a discovery call or whatever action you want people to take next (you can rotate your calls to action).


5. Build your email list and stay in touch at least weekly with a helpful tip, resource or story that will resonate with your audience. Building your email list is not optional if you want to build a sustainable business, so even if you don’t personally like email, it’s still one of the highest-converting sales strategies with a reported ROI of 38-1, so you can’t argue that.


6. Offer your services on a regular basis. If you aren’t getting enough clients, there’s a good chance it’s because you aren’t offering your services often enough or it’s not clear who you help and how. Offering your services can be done in your emails, in your Facebook group, on social media, on livestreams, at the end of your challenge, on webinars, or any other formats listed in #3 above.   Invite people to join your programs and let them know how you can help them.

So, you don’t need to do a million different things, but what you do choose to do must be done consistently, so people get to know you, and you stand out.

What is one thing you can do this week to get started?

Grab a copy of this 6-Part Formula HERE, so you have it as your guide and checklist to refer back to whenever you want.

Have questions?  Come on over and join my FREE Facebook group where we have over 10,000 amazing, like-minded wellness business owners.

Hope to see you there!

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