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Today, Karen and Kathleen have their very first “Ask Us Anything” episode! The Wellness Business Podcast has received lots of great feedback and questions from listeners, but those questions don’t always require a full podcast to answer. So today, Karen and Kathleen are here to give a few listener’s a shout out AND answer your burning questions during their Ask Us Anything segment.

For complete, detailed answers, be sure to listen to the podcast. Here are some of the highlights for you.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Question #1: I have questions regarding blogs and email content. Can you build a business without a blog? Personally, I am not a fan of blogs. I don’t have the time to read them. And find more and more people who are tired of another blog. – Laurie

Karen’s Answer: Not all business techniques feel authentic to every business owner. By identifying that this isn’t a strong suit for you or how you want to compete in the field, you’re taking a step towards making yourself and your business more authentic and individual. Having a blog is not the only way to build a business, but you want to have a way to deliver content to your potential clients.

Kathleen’s Answer: Free content is how people are going to find you and learn more about what you do. It doesn’t have to be in a typical blog format, and it’s a good first step that you’ve realized that type of free content doesn’t appeal to you for your business. If you don’t like doing it you won’t be consistent with it, which is one of the most important things.

Question #2: What are ways to outsource to reduce stress and have better time management? – Thomas

Karen’s Answer: Make sure you know what your expectations are for the outsourced project; communication is key in getting back quality product. The free resource below will help you through every step of hiring someone for an outsourced project so that you can have peace of mind in getting things done.

Kathleen’s Answer: At some point you do have to delegate tasks, otherwise you will start to stall instead of growing your business. A great book on this topic is Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker.

Check out this free checklist for hiring virtual support for your business:

How to Outsource Like a Pro: 10 Steps to Hiring Virtual Support That Save You Time & Money

Question #3: What would you work on first, your freebie and email marketing or setting up your low priced course? – Carrie

Karen’s Answer: This is such an important question, because it boils down to where should you be spending your time and resources when first starting up your business. You need an audience to market your program to, but you also need a program to market. You should always be growing your email list, every single day.  There should be a way for new clients to find your free offer

Kathleen’s Answer: Everyone is at a different point in their personal journey, so not everyone will be ready to work with you right now. But the bigger your email list is, the more potential customers you have for your program.

Question #4: I want to do a short term challenge, but I know you suggest having a closed Facebook group for community support for the participants. Since I don’t have a big following, how do I create a successful Facebook group? What if I email people telling them we will have a closed Facebook group for support and then no one shows up? I’m nervous to offer a challenge and have like 4 people join and think what a flop because there was no support system like they expected. Can I offer a challenge with no social media support or Facebook groups? – Jessica

Karen’s Answer: There is a chance that your first challenge, it could only be a few people who show up. But those few (or even just one) won’t be thinking about how lame it is, rather that they will be getting more of your individual attention. Which is a great thing and can be a wonderful experience for those customers.   

Kathleen’s Answer: It helps to know your audience and what they want, so you can run the program and market it in a way that will grab their attention.  Know what your ideals clients are struggling with and how you can help, identify how your challenge will help them with those challenges.

Question #5: I’ve tried many opt-in’s and none have worked to grow my list. How do you create an opt-in that will get people on your list. What are the most popular opt-ins? People tell me to survey my list, however I’ve gotten no responses. My target audience is 45-50 year old midlife women who want to lose weight, regain their health, energy and vitality. How do I know what social media sites they’re hanging out on? – Janelle

Karen’s Answer: Unique Selling Proposition. There is a difference between an ideal client and a marketable ideal client. A marketable ideal client is one where you know how to connect with those potential clients. When creating a free offer, you need to think about where your ideal client might be on their own journey. Your opt-ins need to be able to be catered to where your ideal client is, problem aware, solution aware or product aware.

Kathleen’s Answer: If your freebie is a level or two above where your ideal clients are, they aren’t going to be interested in your opt-in offer. It’s a combination of having the right lead magnet for your target audience, the copy on your signup page, the copy in your social media posts, and using the right social media platform to find those ideal marketable clients.

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