How to Attract Clients with Your Story

You probably already know the importance of having a niche and being clear in your marketing message so you can attract the right clients, but you can take that a step further to really draw people in, so they realize you are the perfect person to help them.  This comes down to your messaging and your story.

As Donald Miller says: “The fact is, pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things. And if we haven’t clarified our message, our customer won’t listen.”  He also says: “Our customers have questions burning inside them, and if we aren’t answering those questions, they’ll move onto another brand.”

Being clear in your messaging is more important now than ever as people are inundated with information that just becomes white noise they ignore.  Generic, general messaging doesn’t work.

Ahhhh, but you can use this to your advantage to stand out and be noticed!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to nail your story brand to attract your ideal clients
  • Two critical mistakes most brands make when they talk about their products and services (and how you can avoid this in your own marketing message)
  • The Simple Story Brand 7 Framework, including…
    • Principle #1: A Character
    • Principle #2: Has a Problem
    • Principle #3: And Meets a Guide
    • Principle #4: Who Gives Them a Plan
    • Principle #5: And Calls Them to Action
    • Principle #6: That Helps Them to Avoid Failure
    • Principle #7: And Ends in a Success

The idea behind the Story Brand 7 Framework is that you offer to close a story loop for your customers. If you’re ready to make the solution you provide your clients a core aspect of your brand promise, you won’t want to miss this episode!

We’re breaking it all down for you in this episode.

Don’t forget to grab your Story Brand 7 Framework Resource Guide that includes a simple exercise to help you start crafting your own story brand!

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