3 Must Do’s Before You Launch Your Online Program
By Lori Kennedy RHN

I have a treat for you today! My friend, Lori Kennedy, is sharing 3 great strategies you must implement before you launch your online program. Lori has launched countless online programs over the years so she knows exactly what you need to do every step of the way.

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Here’s Lori…

You’ve finished your amazing product or program and now you want to launch it out into the world. The problem? You aren’t sure exactly how to plan the launch or what your next steps should be. If you’re like me, you didn’t leave yourself enough time to plan and prepare and now feel stressed out.

If it’s the first time you are launching your program online, you need to recognize that a first time launch has a steep learning curve. Of course you could wing it and hope to make sales. I’ve done that before. It’s better to do things right from the start and improve from there.

So what do you need to do before you launch to increase sales during the launch?


This is one very important area most people forget about when they are building their online business. The email list is your list of prospects. The more prospects you have on your list who are a right fit for your program, the more sales you will make.

Create a program-specific lead magnet, one that is congruent with the look and feel of the program you are going to be launching. The content can be a small section of your program. The lead magnet is used to attract qualified prospects who are want the solution your program promises.

For example, if you are running a 30-day clean eating challenge, the lead magnet could be: Clean Eating Kitchen Checklist: Makeover Your Fridge & Kitchen Cupboards In Under 10 Minutes.

Use this specific lead magnet to build your email list 30-60 days prior to launching. Build your email list before you launch.


I am a huge fan of outsourcing things that are not in your zone of genius. Making graphics is definitely not within my zone of genius. A month before you launch, schedule time to plan out all of the graphics you want to use during your launch.

Then hire someone on Fiverr.com or Upwork.com to create all of the graphics for you. Making graphics, even if Canva is super easy and fun to use, is not where you should be spending your time. Your time should be spent creating promotional content for your launch.

Here’s a quick list of the graphics you should have for your launch (make sure to get the graphics in jpeg or png file formats):

  • Social media timelines covers
  • 3-5 different social media promotional graphics sized appropriately for the specific platforms
  • Individual program components for your sales page (each part of the program should have it’s own graphic)
  • Email header
  • Blog banners
  • Testimonial graphics


It’s helpful to get friends and family who know nothing about your business to read your sales page before you launch. Of course, this only works if they are going to give you helpful feedback.

Ask your friends and family the following questions. If they can’t answer you then you have some work to do on your sales page.

What is the transformation my program is promising or what is the outcome you (as the client) are going to receive?

What did you feel as you read the sales page?

Is anything confusing?

Do you feel the value of the program is equal to the investment or would you pay the fee to join the program? Why or why not? (If they aren’t your ideal client they probably will answer ‘no’ because they aren’t the right fit – – don’t worry about it).

Who is this program for?

Your sales page is important. Make sure that the offer to work with you is clear and communicates the specific transformational outcome you are promising.

Give yourself a BIG pat on the back. Launching your work out into the world is scary and exhilarating. When you do these 3 things before you launch I know your launch will be successful.

This is a guest blog post written by Lori Kennedy, the founder of The Wellness Business Academy. Lori has just released her brand new Ebook called: