How to Leverage Your Time, Reach a Larger Audience and Earn More Money

You know that to build a profitable health coaching business, you need to have a few key strategies in place. But which strategies will help you the most? It can be confusing and overwhelming to know what to focus on to bring in a consistent stream of new clients.

What if I told you one strategy stands out above the rest as being the best way to establish credibility, build rapport and gain new clients?

The fastest way to grow your income is to connect with your prospects on a deeper level. Let people see the real you so they can connect with you, learn from you, and then discover that you have the solution to their problem.

The strategy I’m talking about is getting in front of people.

I have seen coaches completely transform their business in a matter of months just by getting in front of people on a regular basis. I realize this may push you out of your comfort zone, and I think that’s why most coaches don’t do it. All the more reason to go for it – you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition!

When you get in front of your target audience, you can:

  • Get new clients
  • Earn more money
  • Instantly be seen as an expert
  • Dramatically expand your reach
  • Make new connections and get referrals

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So how do you put yourself in front of potential clients and let them see the REAL you?

Here are two simple ways to get yourself out there to build your business:

  1. Present a live workshop or class. There’s nothing like meeting people in person so you can establish a direct personal connection with them. Live events allow you to showcase your knowledge and personality, and build the like and trust factor with your audience. You also get instant feedback with this format, and you learn more about what your ideal clients really need.

People are much more likely to do business with people they know and like, so live events are perfect for establishing trust and rapport.  Let your awesome light shine through!

  1. Host a webinar or teleseminar. If you want to reach a much larger audience, hosting a webinar or teleseminar is the way to go. With this medium, you can reach people all over the world!

A webinar includes visuals (PowerPoint , Keynote, etc.) and a teleseminar is just audio. If you are brand new to this type of technology, teleseminars have an easier learning curve. Some people prefer webinars, and some prefer teleseminars, so start where it makes the most sense for you right now.

One of the other great benefits of presenting a webinar or teleseminar is that you will build your email list at the same time because people have to sign up for your event online. You could also use your webinar as a way to revive and reengage your current email list.

Note: if your product or service is visual, and it’s important for people to see it to understand what it is, a webinar would be much more effective.

Now that you have two great ways to get yourself out there in front of people, it’s time to take action! Whether you want to do in-person workshops or online webinars, these 5 tips will help you successfully plan your next event:

  1. Decide on the goal for your event. What action do you want people to take at the end of your presentation? Do you want people to sign up for one of your short-term programs, group/online program or one-on-one coaching program, or something else?
  1. Include a time sensitive offer. You want to have a clear call-to-action at the end of your workshop so people know what your solution is and how they can work with you. Be sure you have a time-sensitive offer that creates a sense of urgency. Your special offer could be available for the next 7 days, for example, and could be a discount (great for online programs), a special bonus, or other value-added service or product.

With a time-sensitive offer, you will have a reason to follow up with people that haven’t taken action at the time of your event. You can send out emails letting people know your special offer ends in 48 hours, then another email announcing ‘last chance’ with only 24 hours left.

  1. Determine if you will charge a fee for your event or if it will be free. If you are just getting started with workshops and webinars, offering them for free is a great way to fill the room (or webinar). The more people you have attending your event, the more chances you will have to offer your services.

If your main goal for hosting your events is to enroll new clients, offering your workshops for free is usually the way to go. Workshops typically last 60-90 minutes, so we aren’t talking about a seminar or all-day workshop. Those are events where you would want to charge a fee. 

  1. Map out a timeline and a plan. Create a timeline to make sure you don’t leave out any important details, like creating your promotional content and practicing your talk. Work backwards from your event date so that you’re sure you have enough time to get everything into place. If you are doing a live workshop, figure out your location (gym, local library, yoga studios, and wellness centers are some examples) and secure the space you want to use.
  1. Promote, promote, promote. Think about places that can help you promote your workshop like churches, schools and libraries, for example. Find out ahead of time if they can help promote your event by sending a series of emails to their contact list. If contacting a church, see if you can include an insert (workshop promo) in with their weekly bulletin. Get creative.

Remember to invite your current email list, and use social media to promote your event too. You can run a Facebook ad to your target audience to promote your webinar or workshop (for local workshop, you can target your ad by location and other demographics). Ask your friends and other connections to share your event on social media too. 

Getting in front of people allows you to really get a pulse on your ideal clients and discover more about their struggles. The more you can learn about your target audience, the more you can cater your programs and services to help them, and the easier it will be to fill your programs.

Find out what they want, and then give it to them – brilliant!

Consistency is key. Of course, doing one webinar or workshop isn’t going to instantly transform your business overnight, but if you host one or two awesome events each month, you will start to gain momentum. After 3-6 months (6-12 events) imagine how many people you will have reached.

Your first event may not be a huge success; that’s okay. Use it as a learning experience to see what you can do differently next time. People rarely hit a home run with their first event so don’t let that discourage you. Continue to learn more and get more experience. Persistence and perseverance can really pay off. 

If you are already getting yourself out there on a regular basis, let me know how it’s helping you with your business.

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