The Power of Consistency and Showing Up

Last week on the podcast, we interviewed a Health Coach who shared how she’s using workshops to get clients. The week’s episode is a continuation of her success story! We’re talking with Heather about how she builds and maintains her wellness business through consistency and showing up. We strongly recommend listening to Episode 79 to get the most insight on the ideas Heather shares for both new and experienced business owners.      

This is an “Ask Heather Anything” session for those interested in practical strategies that will help grow or market your business. Get ready for some inside scoop on how to rock your wellness business!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to connect with others in your industry
  • Ways to discover opportunities to collaborate
  • Why you should have clear requirements for collaborations
  • The impact of program names that describe end results
  • Lessons Heather learned from her recent launch experience
  • Tips for and benefits of taking part in live events
  • The power of consistency and showing up

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