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On today’s episode, Karen and Kathleen sit down with branding expert, Stephanie Joanne, to discuss how to successfully build your brand to stand out and become to go-to expert for your niche.

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As entrepreneurs, we typically gravitate to working only one side of our business depending on our own comfort levels, but you have to work on building both brand and business to really be successful. Work on building the backend of your business first. You can have the perfect brand setup on social media, but if you don’t have the backend set up and a sales process then you won’t be generating any revenue. Building your brand, as a personal brand, will always be a work in progress and your clients like to see that personal evolution happen.

Branding is a feeling, it’s not just fonts, colors, or having the perfect pictures. When you think of a brand that you personally love, it’s not the logo or the fonts that drew you to them. It’s probably the way that they treated you as a client, the customer service level provided, the connection you made with them personally. It’s being strategic about what you want people to think of you and how you can you create that feeling. You also can use media to further build your brand and separate yourself from those in your field. It’s so important to build two way, strong relationships with various media outlets in your area. You help them by providing valuable content for their viewers and in return you get the credibility of being featured by that media outlet. For a refresher on how to start building those relationships, check out The Wellness Business Podcast Episode 15.

Stephanie reveals incredible insights and practical (and priceless) tips to help you develop (or improve) your branding so you can stand out as the go-to person in your niche.

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