Building a Community Around Your Brand

As a wellness business owner, building a community around your brand is easier now than ever before, and I also think it’s more important now than ever before.  When someone finds out that they have something in common with you, it automatically builds a connection. Once you’ve built that connection, people inevitably become more loyal to you, and your business. Remember, you are your brand!

Sounds great, right? But what steps need to be taken to build, strengthen and maintain a brand community? This week, we have a special guest who is ready to lay it all out for you.

On this episode, Karen and Kathleen discuss the process of creating and maintaining a community with Abigail Hopkins, a community building expert! Abigail is the co-founder of That Clean Life and has created an active and loyal community that has thrived since she first started in 2014.

In this episode we talk about…

  • What community is and how it plays a role in your business
  • The keys to building a strong community
  • Tools and tactics to strengthen your community
  • How to keep your community active and engaged

Also, as a special gift for the listeners of The Wellness Business Podcast, Abigail is offering a FREE download of her e-Book, An Introduction to Meal Planning, to help turn your clients into raving fans and increase your revenue.

You can grab it by CLICKING HERE.

Enjoy this week’s episode!

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