Building Your Brand as a Health Coach

When you think about building your brand as a health coach, you may feel intimidated about it, but you shouldn’t. It may come as a surprise to hear that you don’t have to be better than your competition to build a successful brand and business. YOU are your brand, and that’s your secret sauce because you are unique! 

In this episode, our guest expert, Chris Ducker, explains why being different is better than being better! In today’s online world, it’s easier than ever before to get in front of your ideal clients to showcase your personality, your expertise and how you can help them.

Chris dropped value bomb after value bomb, including:

  • Why being different is more important than being better
  • How to determine how you’re different
  • How and where to share your story, so people get to know YOU
  • Tips for overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Why you don’t need a huge email list to build a successful business
  • How to cut through the online noise to get your message out to the people who are right for you (your ideal clients)

Building your personal brand doesn’t have to complicated, and Chris does a phenomenal job of showing you how.

Tune in to discover how to build your personal brand so you can stand out and help more people. 

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