Behind the Scenes of Our In-Person Business Planning Sessions

Planning ahead is key to all businesses and it becomes even more critical when you have a team and/or business partner. You may wonder what it looks like when we get together for our in-person business planning sessions, so we thought it would be fun to share an inside look with you.

Since Karen and I live in different states, we’ve found that meeting up a few times a year works best for us (in addition to our regular virtual meetings via Zoom).

We’re sharing what we do before and during our planning sessions, including:

  • How we choose the perfect location that allows us to be the most productive
  • How we structure our planning sessions by making a prioritized list of our goals and objectives
  • How we use the opportunity of being together in person for pictures to use on social media
  • And making it FUN by going live together in our members-onlyFacebook group and podcast Facebook page (this is one of our favorite things to do when we get together in person!)

If you’ve wanted to know how we make our podcast and monthly membership program work even when we live on opposite sides of the country, you’ll want to check out this episode!

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