Discover The Health Coaching Business Secrets That Aren’t A Secret Anymore…

Kathleen LeGrys HCS

We Tell Our Clients That Success Is A “Mindset”…

You’ve heard it before—and as either a brand-new or experienced health coach—you’ve likely told more than one friend, client, or health advice seeker the exact same mantra that coaches everywhere go by… “Success is a mindset!” And that means “If Someone Else Can Do It, So Can You!”

I’m Kathleen LeGrys (fellow health coach and mentor to wellness professionals around the world) and I’m here to show you that…

Your Success As A Health Coach Is Really Based On The Tools You Have Available For Yourself And Your Clients

Ok, ok, I get it…you have to decide to be a successful health coach before anything else actually happens… And there’s a good chance, if you’re reading this, that you’ve already made that decision.

Now you need…

  • The ability to generate leads, get email addresses, and show potential clients that you are an authority in your field so that they will be ready to pay you for advice…
  • Promotional materials that will help you build your authority, spread your message, and generate genuine interest in your ability to help people accomplish their goals…
  • Real-world business advice, done-for-you materials, and complete marketing funnels built to help sell your services on autopilot…

These are just a few of the keys to building a successful health coaching business and there’s a good chance that you won’t get access to everything that you need anywhere other than this page…

Health Coach Solutions™


5 Done-For-You Business Boosting Programs Available Together For A Limited Time!

You’re not alone in your search for the tools you absolutely need to launch, build, or scale a successful health coaching business. I’ve been right where you are this minute…searching for the marketing tips, tools, content and more…looking for what I needed to succeed. I realize how difficult it is to find everything on your own—that’s the reason I created Health Coach Solutions and that’s the reason that I’m offering these 5 programs together as a Business Success Bundle at a price that every health coach can afford.

With the Business Success Bundle, you’ll have your very own built-in sales funnel to attract new leads, and gain new clients.  Once you put this system into place, you will be able to rinse and repeat to build your business.

Here’s what’s included…

Complete 6-Month “Coach With Confidence” Program

All The Content You Need To Launch A Premium Coaching Program This 6-month program is ready for you to re-brand! Make it your own and get all the content you need to guide clients through 12 practical, life-changing coaching sessions. Save time, countless hours and be fully prepared to help your clients! $597 value! Included in the Business Success Bundle. EXTRA BONUS – Get all the content you need to take your coaching program online.

Fit & Healthy 30-Day Jump Start

A Quick 4-Week Program To Attract New Paying Clients This is a “gateway” program—a way to introduce your clients to you with a lower cost program. Completely customizable. Everything you need to run this program is included! You don’t have to create ANY content.  $197 value! Included In Business Success Bundle.

7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Challenges are one of the BEST ways to build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor and then lead people to one of your paid programs.  With the 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge, you get EVERYTHING you need to launch, promote and run a successful Facebook challenge group. $97 value! Included In Business Success Bundle.

60 Quick and Easy Whole Food Recipes

Provide your clients (and potential clients) with recipes that are not only SIMPLE and DELICIOUS, but are also CHOCK FULL of HEALTHY whole foods. You’ll also get a breakdown of calories and macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) for each meal. 

$47 value! Included In Business Success Bundle.

Blog Post Bundle

The Blog Post Bundle gives you 5 detailed health & wellness blog posts designed to EDUCATE, INFORM and INSPIRE potential clients, fans, and subscribers about living a healthier lifestyle.
Each well-researched and carefully-crafted post contains 500 – 800 words, and are chock full of practical, helpful tips your audience will love and appreciate, while YOU stand out as a trusted resource. $67 value! Included In Business Success Bundle.

Get Ready to Build Your Health Coaching Business!

With the Business Success Bundle You’ll get your very own…

  • Recipe guide with 60 healthy, whole food recipes 
  • 7-Day online challenge to grow your email list and create a loyal following
  • 30-Day Jump Start program to attract new clients, and generate income
  • 6-Month Premium Coaching Program
  • All the content you need to launch your coaching program online
  • 5 expertly-crafted blog posts on popular health topics
  • Support in a private Facebook group

       PLUS ALL of the BONUSES that come with each program!

A shout out to Kathleen and the Business Success Bundle! I did a free tele seminar class to promote my pilot group program. Within 5 minutes of the class finishing, there were enough signups to pay for the entire Business Bundle Package. Best return on an investment in ages. Not to mention the energy and sanity saved, because it didn’t take long to tweak the material to suit my niche. Thanks!

Melanie Brown, Registered Natural Health Practitioner

I’m offering the Business Success Bundle for just $797 because everyone deserves the tools they need to launch a successful health coaching business!

You SAVE $208 when you purchase these programs as a bundle!

If purchased individually, you would pay $1,005.

Get Everything You Need To Launch Your Health Coaching Business Today!

SAVE $208 with the bundle (vs. purchasing the programs separately).

Only $797 (USD)

for a limited time

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100% Risk Free Guarantee

100% money back guarantee label (vector) When you invest in the Business Success Bundle, I personally guarantee your investment for a full 30-days. That means you can take a good look around, get a feel for the program and even put it to use in your own business—in fact I think that you SHOULD immediately put it to use. 

Want To Learn More About The Programs That Are Included In This Limited-Time Offer?

Check Them Out Below…

These Happy Clients And Coaches Are Raving About The Program—So Why Not You?

I am so grateful I found you! Your products are already helping my coaching business so much. I have purchased other done-for-you programs before that I just found confusing and complicated so I never used them. This is already helping me build my confidence  as a coach as well as leverage my time while I am still working full-time and trying to build a successful coaching business. This is the BEST I have felt about my health coaching business in a very long time!

Heather Schuller, CHC

Kathleen has created an amazing system, a completely “done-for-me” program, filled with rich content, beautiful images, professionally edited and delivered right to my Inbox – WOW! As a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Kathleen’s guidance regarding Fitness and Health are unmatched. She has been a mentor, a teacher and a valuable resource for me. Now having her in my corner on the business side is a huge bonus. With this new program, she over-delivers again – Big Time! If you are ready to take your coaching to the next level, take advantage of this special talent and let Kathleen and her tools go to work for you and your clients. I’m glad I did!
Rick Gabrielly, AADP, CHC, BA

When I purchased Kathleen’s program, I was lost as a health coach. I spent a lot of time researching different programs and services being offered online, and I knew that Kathleen and her programs were the best fit for me (and my business).  As soon as I spoke with Kathleen, I knew I was dealing with a professional that had a true passion for helping others. It was impossible for me to decide which programs to buy, so I purchased the Business Success Bundle, and I’m SO glad I did! Now my tool kit is full of options and my website is well rounded with professional programs and events.  I have had wonderful feedback from clients who have been a part of my 30-Day Challenge, my webinar and my coaching program.  I have already gained 3 new clients by using the tools that Kathleen provides as part of her programs. Kathleen has shared all her secrets to success and bundled them up in an easy-to-use package!

Lisa Boehm, CHC, CPT

Get Everything You Need To Launch Your Health Coaching Business Today…and SAVE!

SAVE $208 with the bundle (vs. purchasing the programs separately).

 $797 (USD)

for a limited time

Choose full payment or installment options.

NOTE: This program is designed for certified health and wellness professionals. This program is not a health coach training program or certification program. You must be qualified to coach clients to use the content provided.