The Final Episode

The Final Episode

The Final Episode

Well friends, as the title of this podcast indicates, this is our final episode of The Wellness Business Podcast. Believe us when we say this is bittersweet. We have loved creating this podcast during the past 7 years.

The decision to make this our final episode was not an easy one but the timing feels right because we both have other projects in the works that we want to focus our time on. Creating and producing a podcast is a lot of work, and while we have enjoyed every minute of it over the past 7 years, we’re both ready for a new chapter.

In this episode, we’re sharing 4 of our very best business building podcast episodes that will outline a simple growth formula appropriate for wellness business owners.

We’ll also share your next best step for working with us and getting our support as you implement each step. Our goal always has been and continues to be putting our expertise to work for you in your business and getting to profitable results sooner rather than later.   

In the spirit of this being our final episode we wanted to leave you with a simple blueprint for growing your wellness business using some of our most valuable podcast episodes as well as a link to get additional support from us in the future.

Okay, let’s dive in!

Step 1Choose a marketable ideal client.

Episode 216 – 3 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Niche

Why this is important – We’ve talked about nailing your niche a lot on this podcast and there’s a reason why. It’s because it is the single most important decision you can make when starting your business. In episode 216, we walk you through the 3 P’s of defining your ideal client. It’s a simple formula that will help you dial in on your dream client. The one that knows they have a problem, is looking for a solution, and has money to invest in your paid program.

Step 2 – Create an irresistible lead magnet.

Episode 217 – 3 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Why this is important – Once you’ve established who your niche client is the next thing you want to focus on is creating a lead magnet that your ideal customer would find irresistible. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve seen someone offering something for free and we just have to get our hands on it. That’s exactly how we want your dream client to feel when they are offered your freebie.

In episode 217, we do a deep dive into how you can figure out and create your own irresistible lead magnet. In addition to the how, we give you lots of examples to make it easy for you to accomplish this task on your own.

Step 3Email List growth.

Episode 138 – 5 Free Ways to Grow Your Email List and Promote Your Free Offer

Why this is important – Next up is growing your email list. The irresistible lead magnet you created in step two is the key to making this easy. Your email list is the single most valuable asset of your business. That’s because the people on that list are always your hottest leads and the most likely to invest in your paid programs and work with you.

In episode 138, we share our best strategies for consistently growing your email list every single week. 

Step 4 – Make consistent offers.

Episode 240 – How to Sell Without Selling to Fill Your Coaching Programs

Why this is important – Making offers consistently let’s people know how they can work with you. It’s really the difference between having an expensive hobby and having a profitable business.

Over the years we’ve heard from many coaches that they don’t like selling and really dislike feeling salesy. But the truth is that running a business requires selling. It’s important to let your followers and subscribers know how they can work with you.

In episode 240, we share simple strategies that increase the number of people enrolling in your paid program without you ever feeling salesy. It’s truly easier than you think, and in this episode, we walk you through 3 simple methods that we’ve been teaching our clients for years.

5) Recap info

Coaches who experience the most growth and build a profitable business, follow a framework that shows them where to focus their time and effort to get in front of their ideal audience and enroll clients.  If that’s something you would like to do as a next step, we invite you to join Wellness Business Accelerator. We have updated the program, so coaches can join any time.  You can learn more about it by going to

If you want to stay in touch with us and learn more about what we have in the works the best place to reach out is on Instagram or our Facebook Groups.

You can find my Health Coach Biz Support group here.

You can find Karen’s Health Coach Client Attraction group here.

Thank you again so much for tuning in and being a part of OUR world.

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The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Marketing platforms have come and gone, launching strategies have changed, and social media continues to evolve and change.

So, what should you be focusing on when it comes to marketing your health coaching business? 

We believe that there are fundamental commonalities between all successful online businesses that need to be considered when starting and building your wellness business in 2024. That’s why we want to share this formula with you. 

This comes back to the system and processes we teach in our signature program The Wellness Business Accelerator. We know our system works because it’s worked for so many coaches before you. When they work through our lessons and implement what we teach they start getting clients consistently and filling their programs. 

There are 4 main components to our business growth formula.

  • Identify
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Repeat

Let’s discuss each one of them individually. We’ll explain why each component is important and share the stories of coaches, just like you, that took action with our system and completely transformed their business.

Before we dive into the details, we want to let you know that the doors to our signature program, The Wellness Business Accelerator, are open now through Thursday, April 25th. In this program, you’ll discover a proven system for reaching your ideal clients online, growing an engaged email list, and consistently enrolling new clients within 60 days. Click the link learn more and see all that is included. We would love to welcome you as one of our newest students!   

Let’s dive into the first step: 

#1 – Identify

IDENTIFY is the first step in our 4 part process because it’s all about identifying your marketable ideal client. A marketable ideal client is someone that knows they have a problem, is in the process of seeking a solution, and has money they can invest in that solution.

The reason this is important is because if your ideal client is missing any of those three attributes you’ll struggle to get clients. You have to have a crystal clear marketing message that speaks clearly to the problem and symptoms your dream clients are trying to find a solution to.

For example, when we worked with Courtney inside our program she got these results:

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Using our unique process to dial in on and identify her ideal customer was a game-changer for Courtney. Once she applied what we teach it was clear to her dream clients what she had to offer and how it would help them reach their goals. We’ve worked with many clients just like Courtney that have been close to giving up so many times on their business. Maybe you can relate to her experience of struggling for years before finally having the right coaches like us and the right formula to dial in on her marketable ideal client which finally had sales rolling in.

Another similar story in this category is our student Sherly. Here’s what she had to say about working with us inside the Wellness Business Accelerator program.

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

In Sherly’s own words, she took the initiative to change her niche and then work through our system one module at a time. When she implemented what we teach using our proven signature program she not only enrolled 5 new clients into her diabetes program so believes the WBA is the best investment she’s ever made.

We don’t take those words lightly because we know how frustrating it can be when you’re working so hard day after day but the clients aren’t enrolling in your program. Here’s what we know for sure. It isn’t about working harder. It’s about working smarter and following a step-by-step system that has been designed specifically for those building wellness businesses.

Now let’s discuss step #2 which is ATTRACT.

Once you’re clear on who your marketable ideal client is, now it’s time to decide how you are going to attract those people particularly when you are launching your program.

Creating a launch plan ahead of time makes all the difference in whether you have a successful launch or one where you hear crickets and walk away feeling defeated. In the Wellness Business Accelerator program, we teach you the exact steps necessary to execute a prelaunch runway that will not only get your followers and subscribers excited about your program before opening your doors, but will increase your overall number of sales during your open cart period.

That’s exactly what happened for our client Ann-Marijke. Here’s what she had to say about her launch when she implemented a prelaunch runway. 

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Those are amazing results, right? A successful launch starts with what you do 30-45 days before the doors open and when you follow the step-by-step prelaunch runway system we teach in the Wellness Business Accelerator program you’ll experience increased sales just like Anne-Marijke.

Step #3 is CONVERT

Convert simply refers to anytime you guide a new email subscriber or social media follower to take action with you in incremental steps that eventually leads to that person becoming a paying client.

A couple of the biggest challenges that we know many health coaches face is that they aren’t making offers often enough and they aren’t exactly sure how to make sales without feeling salesy.

We get it, none of us want to feel salesy but when you have a program that you believe in and you know it gets results you have to build up the confidence to invite people to join you. For instance, we believe 100% in the power of our Wellness Business Accelerator program to change the trajectory of your business to one that is profitable and scalable. We have testimonial after testimonial from past clients sharing their personal stories of struggle to triumph using our unique system and coaching support. We know it worked for them and will work for you too if you follow what we teach.

A great example of this is one of our past clients, Brooklyn. Here’s what she had to say…

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

We don’t know about you but an extra $1,700 in one weekend sounds pretty sweet to us. When we worked with Brooklyn she implemented our strategies to put her offer out there and it converted like gangbusters. This wasn’t magic or a flash in the pan strategy. Instead, it was something that Brooklyn could repeat over and over to get her subscribers and followers to invest in her paid program any time she wanted. Sometimes it’s just a matter of following a proven system that asks your dream clients to work with you that makes all the difference.

Our client Shonda had similar results. Here’s what she had to say. 

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

These ladies are no different than you. The only thing that they’ve done that you haven’t is to enroll in The Wellness Business Accelerator program and follow our step-by-step roadmap for converting more clients.

Step # is REPEAT

This might be our favorite step because it’s the one that does all of the heavy lifting for you again and again while you reap all of the rewards in the months and years to come.

The first time you set something up, or run a launch for the first time, it’s always the hardest. It’s the time when you’ll create the most content, will feel the most out of your comfort zone, and will need to overcome limiting beliefs. However, once you have gone through the process following our step-by-step system, you be able to repeat it over and over again without anything more than a few minor tweaks to your content.

A great example of this is our student Gianna. Here’s what she had to say…

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Ahhh… we love to hear this because so many of our students come to us trying to do all the things, blinded by shiny object syndrome and never feeling like they accomplish what they start out to do that results in paying clients. Inside the Wellness Business Accelerator program, we love to keep things simple so you can get organized and set up your systems. Just like Gianna you’ll be able to flush out so much of the unnecessary nonsense leading you to a more streamlined business that gets results and makes sales.


We’ve shared a lot of information with you today about the business growth formula we believe in and teach our clients. We’ve built the foundation of our Wellness Business Accelerator program around this formula and are excited to share it with you. We use it in our own businesses and teach what we know works for our clients. The doors to the Wellness Business Accelerator are open right now and you are invited to join us through this Thursday, April 25th.

If any one of these coaches’ stories resonated with you today, our doors will be open through the end of the day on Thursday, April 25th and we would love to welcome you as our newest WBA student. Click the link above to get all the details and see how we can help you transform your business.

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7 Technical Steps for Flawless Freebie Delivery

7 Technical Steps for Flawless Freebie Delivery

7 Technical Steps for Flawless Freebie Delivery

If you’ve created a free resource to grow your email list, you may be asking yourself “Okay, so now what do I do?” 

This week, we’re sharing the technical process necessary to deliver your freebie to your new email subscribers. By breaking down each step, we demystify the technical aspects, revealing a straightforward path to successful freebie implementation in any coaching business.

In this episode you’ll discover: 

  • The 7-step tech-friendly freebie delivery process that we personally use in our businesses and teach our clients for flawless delivery
  • The purpose of a follow-up email sequence and why, when designed correctly, it’ll lead to more paying clients
  • Why this rinse-and-repeat process, once implemented the first time, makes future lead magnets a breeze to set up

A coach recently asked a great question which was “How do I actually DO the technical aspect of a freebie? Connecting the online pieces?”

We know this can feel like a bit of a puzzle, so we wanted to cover it in a way that would simplify the process, so you know what to do.  Each step that we cover builds on the previous step and by the time we finish this episode you’ll discover that it isn’t nearly as complicated or technical as you may have thought.

Step 1 – Create freebie (pdf download)

For this step, we’re going to assume that you already have a client-specific lead magnet ready to go, designed for your dream client. It’s important to create a freebie that is specific for the needs of your ideal client. If you’re still trying to figure this out, or you have a freebie that isn’t attracting the right people, we have another podcast episode that will help you dial it in. It’s called – Supercharging Your List Building: 5 Vital Elements for High-Converting Freebies. It’s episode 314 and we will link to it in the show notes so you can easily find it.

Step 2 – Upload to an online storage platform

If you have an online business, then you more than likely already have a favorite online storage platform. We know that many coaches use Dropbox or Google Drive. There are plenty of options to choose from so it’s important to use one that you like. The main purpose of storing this in an online platform is so that it will be given a unique URL that you’ll be able to share with your new email subscriber in a delivery email so they can download it.

Step 3 – Grab the unique URL

Once you’ve uploaded it to the online storage platform of your choice, you’ll want to log in and grab the unique URL that it was given. This is typically located in the “Share” option for that particular upload.

7 Technical Steps for Flawless Freebie Delivery

Step 4 – Set up the registration page

Next, you’ll need to set up a couple of web pages which is what we’re covering here in step 4 and the next step, step 5. The easiest and quickest way to do this is through your email management system. They all have templates that can be quickly customized for your audience. 

The first page you’ll want to customize is a registration page, also known as an opt-in page or landing page. This is where people enter their email address as a way of subscribing to your email list and getting your freebie delivered to them. We encourage our WBA students to only ask for an email address (and not a name). We’ve found that there are higher conversions when you don’t also require a first name to be entered. Choose a simple template that is easy to customize.

Step 5 – Set up a thank you / confirmation page

The second web page you’ll want to set up is a thank you page, also known as a confirmation page. Basically, this is the page your new subscriber will be taken to once they click the submit button on the registration page. The thank you page will thank them for subscribing and let them know to check their email because you’ll be sending the freebie resource right over to them. Again, there are simple templates within your email management system that will make this process easy to accomplish.

Step 6 – Delivery email (include the link to download the freebie)

The delivery email should be pretty simple. It’ll congratulate them for making the choice to request the free download, give them the link to download it, (this is the link you grabbed in step 3 from your online storage platform), and encourage them to dive in right away. You may also let them know that you’ll be following up soon with another email to see how it’s going.

Step 7 – Follow-up email sequence (automated)

Our final step is a follow-up email sequence. This step will take you a little longer to accomplish than the rest but is worth the extra time because the main purpose of these email is to introduce your paid program and let your new subscriber know how they can work with you.

This follow-up email sequence should be automated and delivered over the next 7-14 days depending on how many emails you write. Keep in mind that you’ll want to include details about your experience, more info on how to implement the info they received in the freebie, case-studies, testimonials, and benefits of joining your paid program.

This entire process, from creating your freebie through making more sales with your automated follow-up email sequence is something we cover in depth in the Wellness Business Accelerator program. We have an entire lesson dedicated to this topic called: Create the Perfect Lead Magnet and Landing Page to Attract Your Ideal Clients.

  • How to figure out a great topic for your lead magnet that your audience will be excited to get their hands on.
  • The formula for coming up with the perfect lead magnet title that results in high conversions (more people signing up for it).
  • The blueprint for simple, but high-converting landing pages that create desire for your free offer.
  • We also include 5 done-for-you follow-up emails to send to your new subscribers and landing page examples that will make implementing what you learn quick and easy.

This is a great example why our past WBA students love this program so much. It’s a step-by-step on-demand program that gives you absolutely everything you need to be successful in growing your business.

This is just one lesson of many included when you become a Wellness Business Accelerator member. Don’t forget to add your name to our VIP Waitlist to get notified next week when the doors open on 4/23/24. 

We hope to see you on the inside!

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Ask Us Anything: Karen and Kathleen Answer Your Questions

Ask Us Anything: Karen and Kathleen Answer Your Questions

Ask Us Anything: Karen and Kathleen Answer Your Questions​

We haven’t done an Ask Us Anything episode in a while, so we thought this would be a good time to bring it back. This is where we answer questions health coaches either asked in our Facebook groups, posted on social media or emailed us about. 

We have 3 questions we’re answering today including how much content to share without giving away everything for free, how we work as business partners when it comes to sharing income and expenses, and lastly, is it better to offer a free or paid in-person workshop. 

Our first question is from Patty:

“I struggle with how much content to share without giving away the farm so to speak.

Do you have any tips on how much to share so I don’t feel like I’m giving away all the content from my paid program for free?”

This is a great question because you want to share helpful and valuable information, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re giving away your whole system – which honestly, is kind of hard to do when you’re sharing small nuggets of information.  We have an entire lesson about this inside our Wellness Business Accelerator program, and we’ll be opening the doors with a very special announcement in a couple of weeks. 

The best approach for not giving away the farm is to share content that teaches about the “what & why” about your area of expertise and not so much of the “how”. For example, if your niche includes women in menopause, you could discuss why women get menopausal symptoms, what they are, how one symptom can trigger another, etc. but save the info about how to fix it for your paid program. OR you can share an occasional “how” but just one step of it and not the whole process.

Another example would be that if your niche is helping women balance their blood sugar through whole foods and lifestyle, you can focus much of your content on the types of foods that elevate blood sugar, why managing blood sugar is so important, stats and data about how different type of exercise can help, general tips on types of food that slow sugar absorption when you eat. You can even do occasional healthy food swaps where you showcase a healthier option for a common food that is high in sugar. People love food swaps. You’re not giving them a plan to follow but it’s more like leaving breadcrumbs of tips to follow and then in your paid program, you give them the complete “how to”.

Also remember to sprinkle in client success stories and testimonials in your content, because that helps your audience imagine what’s possible for them if they work with you. 

Question #2 is from Michelle.

She’s teaming up with another wellness coach to provide online programs and eventually retreats. She wants to know how we divvy up income that is generated from our joint ventures.  Is it split 50/50 or do you track the clients we bring in separately? 

I love this question, and this is something we just figured out on our own in a way that works really well for the both of us for the past 7 years since starting this podcast and then eventually the Wellness Business Accelerator.

Karen has an accounting degree, so I really lucked out with that because I am not a numbers person by nature.  We keep track of all income and expenses for our joint ventures –we track them for the podcast, and then separately for the Wellness Business Accelerator (WBA), so we know what expenses we have, where it’s coming from and where it’s going out.  We have a Google sheet for the podcast and one for the WBA where we list everything by date. You can decide how often you want to settle expenses, distributions, but we do it every 2 months, and everything is split 50/50 which keeps it simple. 

Our 3rd and final question is from Julie:

“I want to host a workshop at a local restaurant that offers a room free of charge for the community. My goal is to educate, gain email subscribers, customers and health coaching clients. Should I offer it free or charge a small fee? If I charge, what do you think is a fair amount?”

This can be tricky to decide and there isn’t one right way to do it, so it may involve some testing to see what gets the best results.  Generally, if your main goal is to grow your email list and get clients, a free workshop works well.  Karen did many free workshops at local gyms and it was a great way to get clients.  A free workshop is typically covering the WHAT and the WHY of the topic and you’re laying the groundwork for how your program is the solution to the problem they have or the goal they want to achieve.

A paid workshop would include more of the HOW because people are paying to get information they can leave with and implement.  That doesn’t mean you’re giving the whole solution in 45- 60 minutes, but the content of a paid workshop will be more robust than a free workshop, so keep that in mind too – expectations are going to be higher when people pay.

So, either way can work, but if you’re starting out, testing it by offering it for free can be the way to go.  When you get clients from a free workshop, you’re earning income to also help pay for any expenses you incur. If the restaurant location is free, that’s amazing and one less thing you have to pay for.

If you do decide you want to charge and provide more in-depth workshop content, you can start out as low as $15 and you can even do a promotion where if you bring a friend, the friend can come for free. This is free marketing for you if people bring a guest, so that’s a win-win too!

Either way you decide to go, you will be getting in front of new people with the opportunity to get new clients.

We hope one of these questions were on your mind too or maybe it will help you in the future with some of your plans as you create content to share, run workshops or possibly from some sort of collaboration or partnership down the road.   

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The Lead Magnet-Niche Connection & How to Audit Yours for Higher Conversions

The Lead Magnet-Niche Connection & How to Audit Yours for Higher Conversions

The Lead Magnet-Niche Connection & How to Audit Yours for Higher Conversions

On this episode, we’re discussing the lead magnet-niche connection which means confirming your lead magnet is closely aligned with your ideal clients, so you are getting more of the right people on your email list. More ideal client subscribers mean more people enrolling in your coaching programs, so this is an important piece of the puzzle.

What we’re sharing is a 3-phase process for auditing your lead magnet. It’s our proven approach for helping our coaching clients align their lead magnet with their niche resulting in the maximum number of ideal client subscribers to their list.

Phase 1 – Choosing a Niche.

Our philosophy for choosing a niche boils down to three simple things:

  • Who you help
  • How you help
  • And the transformation that you offer

Back on episode 216 we covered: 3 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Niche. If this is something that you’re still struggling with or feel like you need additional fine tuning, this would be a great episode to check out.

Before your dream clients feel that you are the coach for them, you have to be clear yourself about what you do and who you help. Your marketing message should leave potential clients saying “yes” this is for me or “no” it is not. If they are left wondering and unsure what you do, that means you have work to do.

For the rest of this episode, we’re going to assume that you have your niche dialed in to what we refer to as a marketable ideal client.

Phase 2 – Choosing a lead magnet that aligns with your niche statement.

We’ve found that most coaches create freebies with the intention of getting the highest number of people to download it. So, they tend to offer something that is more of general health information that appeals to the masses vs. a niche specific lead magnet.

While that may or may not grow your email list more quickly, it overlooks the ultimate goal of getting the ‘right’ people on your email list. Those that are actually interested in what you have to offer – your coaching services or coaching program.

Think of your lead magnet as a stepping stone commitment from a potential client between them finding you for the first time and them enrolling in your program. That conversion rate will be much higher if that steppingstone commitment, your lead magnet, is in alignment with your paid program.

Phase 3 – Audit Your Lead Magnet

1. Is your dream client aware of their challenge, are they searching for a solution, and do they have money to invest? This is what we call a marketable ideal client. Will your lead magnet teach them something specific related to your paid program?

2. Does your program/coaching services solve that challenge for them? Again, it’s important to confirm that the lead magnet you are offering is in some way related to your offer. That’s the stepping stone we were talking about earlier.

3. Is your lead magnet content connected to their challenge and can it give them a quick win? A quick win means that they can quickly and easily implement what they learn from your lead magnet and get a result that inspires them and has them excited to learn more.

4. Is your lead magnet content part of your actual program? This is the simplest way to create a lead magnet that is guaranteed to be in alignment with your program. Just take a small piece of your program and turn it into a free download. A resource guide, checklist, cheat sheet, etc. are all great options.

5. Does your lead magnet title clearly identify who it’s for vs. general health? (Ask 5 friends/family to read the title and tell you what it is and who it’s for)

Here are a few examples of client-specific lead magnets:

  • 7-Day Meal Plan for Managing Diabetes
  • 10 Tips for Reducing Stress and Anxiety without Medication
  • Bloat-Free Baking Guide for Women with IBS

In each of these examples it’s very clear who it’s for. In example #1, it’s people with diabetes. In example two it’s people suffering from stress and anxiety. In example three it’s women with IBS.

6. Are you promoting your lead magnet consistently and on all channels, (social bios, social posts, website home page, website popup, about me page, groups) with clear language so they are clear it is for them? If the answer is yes, is your email list steadily growing? There is no better test for your lead magnet then putting it out there to grow your list. If people are joining then more than likely it’s dialed in but if no one is taking action chances are you have work to do.

5) Recap

Now that you’ve been through the audit process, it’s time to analyze your answers. Where can you make changes that will improve your content and/or results? If you aren’t consistently growing your email list each month then there is a disconnect somewhere. Keep making changes until you have a lead magnet that is growing your list with your marketable ideal client AND the people on your list are also becoming paying clients.

If you need support in creating a lead magnet that is perfect for your dream clients I have a guide that will help. It’s called: Create an Irresistible Client-Attracting Freebie in 60 Minutes – A Lead Magnet Template for Coaches.


We will be opening the doors to the Wellness Business Accelerator next month, and if you want to know as soon as enrollment opens, be sure to join our VIP waitlist here.  This is our signature program where we walk you through how to reach your ideal clients online and consistently enroll new clients within 60 days. We’d love to have you join us! 

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How to Improve Email Delivery Rates with a 4-Week Re-engagement Campaign

How to Improve Email Delivery Rates with a 4-Week Re-engagement Campaign

How to Improve Email Delivery Rates with a 4-Week Re-engagement Campaign

If you’ve been building your email list for a while, you may have noticed that as your email list grows, your open and click-through rates go down. This is normal because some people are only looking for free information and maybe they got what they needed out of your initial free offer. That’s okay! A certain percentage of those people will remain at the top of your funnel and never invest in your offers. The remaining people on your list may need additional incentive to open your emails, so using a re-engagement campaign can be very effective for getting your subscribers interested in your content again. 

When you use this strategy, you can re-engage the people who are already on your list, build your email deliverability credibility with the different email platforms, and possibly get your subscribers excited about your offers all over again.

In this episode, we’re diving into how you can use an email re-engagement campaign in your business. 

How email delivery works and how to train your subscribers to click links to improve open rates

There is a fine line between giving enough information in your emails to make them valuable and interesting to your subscribers vs. giving it all away so there is no need for them to click the link, (the link being whatever call to action you are sharing with them in that particular email).

That means that you need to be strategic when deciding what to include in your email. Over time, your subscribers will become familiar with your style and be conditioned, or trained, to click the link to learn more. That’s you overall goal. When they love your content, they’ll always be curious to see what’s included in your most recent email.

Each time someone opens your email and clicks the link inside, it’s sending information out into the internet that says your content is desirable and interesting. That establishes credibility for you with the email delivery services and that’s a good thing.

What a re-engagement campaign is and how it works

A re-engagement campaign is a series of emails delivered over a number of days, or weeks, with the express purpose of getting your subscribers to engage, (specifically clicking a link). You’re ultimately training them that your content is valuable and clicking a link is beneficial to them.

When Karen did this for her list, she drafted 4 emails that were sent over the course of a month on 4 consecutive Saturdays. Each email was broken down into a specific category or topic and each email included four free pieces of free content.

Her email categories were:

Client Attraction
Client Conversion
Revenue Generation
Business Setup

She also sent one announcement email before the re-engagement campaign letting her list know what was coming and when to keep an eye out for it. The announcement email was designed to build excitement and enticement for what was coming.

How to Improve Email Delivery Rates with a 4-Week 
Re-engagement Campaign

Putting the pieces into place: 

  • Choose content for each week (4 weeks in total)
    • Feel free to use pdfs, checklists, resource lists, livestreams, blogs, podcast episodes, etc. Basically, any content that can be accessed by a single click. I included 4 resources in each email that included previous livestream trainings, workbooks, guides, checklists, etc.
  • Write delivery emails
    • The emails are pretty basic as the main goal is to spotlight the content and links that you’re sharing. Draft a brief introduction of that week’s topic and then list the resources that you’re sharing with the appropriate clickable links.
  • Tease what’s coming the following week
    • As you wrap up each email be sure to share what they can expect the following week. In essence, you’re teasing what is coming next as a way of piquing their interest and getting them excited for the following week.
  • CTA (call to action) in each email
    • The call to action for each email is to instruct them to click a link, or multiple links, to gain access to the information you’re sharing.

Review analytics, (specifically click through rate vs. open rate)

Tracking your data is the only way to know if something is working. Our recommendation is to establish a baseline by documenting the click through rates and for the most recent 4 emails that you sent prior to the campaign. Prior to the IOS14 update we also tracked open rates but the reliability of that information within your email management system is not accurate so now we rely strictly on click through rates as our main metric.

Back in 2021, when Apple released its Apple Mail Privacy Protection, it made it impossible to get accurate open rates. Basically, Apple Mail now ‘pre-fetches’ content in emails, which downloads whether the email is opened or not. This means everyone using Apple software will show a 100% open rate, even if they don’t open the email! So, this means your reporting will show a higher number of opens that are actually happening that’s why a click through rate is our metric of choice.

As you send the re-engagement emails, document the click through rates for each of the five campaign emails.

Next, analyze the data. To confirm that you have re-engaged your audience be sure to track the 5 emails that you sent after the campaign ends. Meaning you document the click through rates for each email.

We did some research on industry standards and in an article from Smart Insights they report that an average click through rate across all industries is 1.4%.

In the health and wellness space the average click through rate is 1%.

In an article posted 1.23.24 by they reported that the average click through rate across all industries is 2.3% with Campaign Source being their resource.

As you can tell, there is a range even within what the experts are reporting so it’s always a great idea to track your own data.

So, now it’s time to look at your results. Has there been an improvement? Have you seen an uptick in click through rates?

Once you run this campaign the first time you will be able to rinse & repeat it very easily with minor tweaks. Our recommendation is to run a re-engagement campaign two times per year.

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