The Final Episode

The Final Episode

The Final Episode

Well friends, as the title of this podcast indicates, this is our final episode of The Wellness Business Podcast. Believe us when we say this is bittersweet. We have loved creating this podcast during the past 7 years.

The decision to make this our final episode was not an easy one but the timing feels right because we both have other projects in the works that we want to focus our time on. Creating and producing a podcast is a lot of work, and while we have enjoyed every minute of it over the past 7 years, we’re both ready for a new chapter.

In this episode, we’re sharing 4 of our very best business building podcast episodes that will outline a simple growth formula appropriate for wellness business owners.

We’ll also share your next best step for working with us and getting our support as you implement each step. Our goal always has been and continues to be putting our expertise to work for you in your business and getting to profitable results sooner rather than later.   

In the spirit of this being our final episode we wanted to leave you with a simple blueprint for growing your wellness business using some of our most valuable podcast episodes as well as a link to get additional support from us in the future.

Okay, let’s dive in!

Step 1Choose a marketable ideal client.

Episode 216 – 3 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Niche

Why this is important – We’ve talked about nailing your niche a lot on this podcast and there’s a reason why. It’s because it is the single most important decision you can make when starting your business. In episode 216, we walk you through the 3 P’s of defining your ideal client. It’s a simple formula that will help you dial in on your dream client. The one that knows they have a problem, is looking for a solution, and has money to invest in your paid program.

Step 2 – Create an irresistible lead magnet.

Episode 217 – 3 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Why this is important – Once you’ve established who your niche client is the next thing you want to focus on is creating a lead magnet that your ideal customer would find irresistible. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve seen someone offering something for free and we just have to get our hands on it. That’s exactly how we want your dream client to feel when they are offered your freebie.

In episode 217, we do a deep dive into how you can figure out and create your own irresistible lead magnet. In addition to the how, we give you lots of examples to make it easy for you to accomplish this task on your own.

Step 3Email List growth.

Episode 138 – 5 Free Ways to Grow Your Email List and Promote Your Free Offer

Why this is important – Next up is growing your email list. The irresistible lead magnet you created in step two is the key to making this easy. Your email list is the single most valuable asset of your business. That’s because the people on that list are always your hottest leads and the most likely to invest in your paid programs and work with you.

In episode 138, we share our best strategies for consistently growing your email list every single week. 

Step 4 – Make consistent offers.

Episode 240 – How to Sell Without Selling to Fill Your Coaching Programs

Why this is important – Making offers consistently let’s people know how they can work with you. It’s really the difference between having an expensive hobby and having a profitable business.

Over the years we’ve heard from many coaches that they don’t like selling and really dislike feeling salesy. But the truth is that running a business requires selling. It’s important to let your followers and subscribers know how they can work with you.

In episode 240, we share simple strategies that increase the number of people enrolling in your paid program without you ever feeling salesy. It’s truly easier than you think, and in this episode, we walk you through 3 simple methods that we’ve been teaching our clients for years.

5) Recap info

Coaches who experience the most growth and build a profitable business, follow a framework that shows them where to focus their time and effort to get in front of their ideal audience and enroll clients.  If that’s something you would like to do as a next step, we invite you to join Wellness Business Accelerator. We have updated the program, so coaches can join any time.  You can learn more about it by going to

If you want to stay in touch with us and learn more about what we have in the works the best place to reach out is on Instagram or our Facebook Groups.

You can find my Health Coach Biz Support group here.

You can find Karen’s Health Coach Client Attraction group here.

Thank you again so much for tuning in and being a part of OUR world.

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Crush Your Fear of Video: 5 Simple Strategies for Boosting Confidence

Crush Your Fear of Video: 5 Simple Strategies for Boosting Confidence

Crush Your Fear of Video: 5 Simple Strategies for Boosting Confidence

If you want to stand out on social media, grow your audience, build connections and get clients, video is a must. When you think about who you follow and the people you feel connected to the most, it’s most likely those who you get to see on video; that’s because it feels like you’re seeing them in real time, even if it’s a recording.

Most people feel nervous on camera when they start out, so if this is how you’re feeling, you are not alone and today we are going to help you feel more confident with our 5 insider tips.

A few weeks ago, I posted a survey inside my Health Coach Biz Support Facebook group asking coaches if they weren’t doing video yet, what was their top reason.  One of the top answers was Fear of Being on Video. This roadblock can stop you in your tracks when it comes to showing up in a way that really allows your audience to get to know you.

Here are 5 Simple Strategies for Boosting Your Confidence on Video

1. Get familiar with your tech options.   

The first step in calming the nerves is knowing what tech to use, so you feel good about how you will look and sound.  The great news is all your need is your smartphone, good sound and adequate lighting. 

If you can record your videos near a window with lighting, that is usually best for more flattering/natural light. If you need more lighting, using a ring light is great.  You can find a variety of ring lights on Amazon, starting at around $30.  There are lights that can sit on your desk, and lights that come with an adjustable tripod stand if you plan to record in different places in your house, and you don’t want to have to use props to get the right height. The tripod stands also start at just $30.

As far as sound, if you’re recording video indoors with your phone fairly close to you (within a few feet) a separate mic isn’t necessary.  If you want better quality audio and/or you plan to record further away from your phone or outside, having a wireless mic is important. You can also find wireless microphones on Amazon, starting at $25. I rarely use a separate microphone when recording video on my smart phone, so you can do without this for a while as you get started – as long as you’re recording within a few feet of your phone, so the audio quality is good.   

2. Start small with short videos.

How great is it that short-form video is so popular right now?  This means you can record 30-60 second videos and not worry that you have to be on camera for a long time. Feeling like you have to record a 5–10-minute video can feel overwhelming when you’re starting out, so by recording shorter videos, you’ll be done before you know it, and you can do more of them if you want because they aren’t as time consuming.  Just write out a few bullet points about what you want to cover and hit the record button. 

3. Use B-roll.

This is another great way to ease into doing video and build your confidence. B-roll is video of you doing something, but you aren’t talking. It could be you working at your desk or laptop, going for a walk, making coffee or tea, meal prepping, grocery shopping – almost anything really. It’s stock footage you take, and you add music or voice over and text to convey your message.  These videos can be as short as 10 seconds. The benefit of this is you’re showing up on video, but it’s not as intimidating because you don’t also have to memorize what you’re going to say.

4. Practice. 

This probably sounds obvious, but practice is the #1 thing that’s going to help you get better, and really help you feel more confident.  You will likely not be amazing on video when you start out, and that’s okay because no one is. I was horrible at video when I started a few years ago and now it’s easy and I feel confident about it – it took a while to get there, and practice is just part of the process for anything we want to improve.

My best tip for recording video is to be sure to look at the camera and not the screen, and imagine you are talking to your best friend when you’re recording. You are only talking to that one person to convey what you want to say. Oh, and be sure to smile because that makes you feel relatable and look relaxed.

5. Build confidence with recorded video and the next step is live video

This is about baby steps, building your skills and your confidence.  Recorded video is easiest because you can re-record and/or edit where needed.  Live video can feel more challenging, but it’s also what helps you come across as very genuine when people get to interact with you in real time so it’s worth conquering your fear by practicing.

A great way to practice live video is to start by going live in a Facebook group you create just for that purpose, so you can see how things work and get a feel for the process.  You can set up a group that you use for practice only, and then you’ll be ready to go live in your other groups or on your page or anywhere you want.  You can do this on Instagram too by selecting “private” as the option for the audience you want to see your livestream. 

The goal is to get as much practice as you can, so the more often you can get in front of the camera the better.

Karen has a great free resource to help make this even easier for you and it’s her “Livestream Video Checklist.” You can download this step-by-step PDF, that shares the 8 steps you need in place when you’re planning to go live, you’ll know what to include in your video, and how to promote it to get people to show up live. 


How to outline your videos to maximize watch time:

You want to grab people’s attention right away, so they stick around to watch the whole video. A common mistake we see being made is starting the video by saying who you are and what you do, or starting with a greeting and thanking people for watching, rather than kicking it off by getting right into the information.  Using a hook right from the start helps reel people in. So, instead of starting with who you are, say “One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they want to _________ is _______________.   That rarely works because ___________Here’s what you want to do instead ___________.”   So, get into the heart of the info and if you want at the end, you can say who you are and who you help. 

A simple 3-part outline for an effective video can be as follows:

  1. Your hook to grab attention and let people know the topic you’re covering
  2. Share the tip, insight, common mistake or other info
  3. Call to action – what should they do next – like, comment, listen to your podcast, read blog post, sign up for your free resource, join your program, etc. 

Based on what we covered today, what is one step you can take with video?  Whether you are brand new at it, or you’re ready to go to the next level, decide what you’re going to work on, put it on your calendar and commit to doing it.  Before you know it, you’ll feel more at ease and more confident.

We can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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4 Ways to Make Money with Your Coaching Expertise

4 Ways to Make Money with Your Coaching Expertise

4 Ways to Make Money with Your Coaching Expertise

One of the amazing things about being a health coach or nutritionist is that you get to decide how you want to help people and generate revenue. You get to call the shots and design your business the way you want. 

There’s more than one way to monetize your expertise, and today, we’re diving into 4 of them.  We’re also sharing examples of each one to give you some ideas if you’re looking to branch out a bit and explore other possibilities. 

1-on-1 Coaching

The first option is the easiest and the one where most coaches start out, and that’s 1-on-1 coaching. This would be your premium priced coaching offer because it’s your time that you can’t scale – you can only work with one person at a time. You can either work with people in person or if you want to remove any geographic barriers, Zoom is a great option. The benefit of 1-on-1 coaching is that it’s low to no tech and you get to have in-depth conversations with people to get a good understanding of their goals, desires and struggles. When you know your ideal clients really well, it makes it easier and more effective to communicate how you help them, which is critical in your marketing. 

Online Group Programs

The next option for generating revenue as a health coach is to run online group programs.  This allows you to leverage your time and help more people which is appealing to a lot of coaches.  This could be a 30–90-day program or even longer if you want.  A 30-day online program can be the gateway to your longer program, so it’s a good idea to include a shorter option for people who aren’t ready to commit to working with you for 3-6 months.  When I was a health coach, I did 1-on-1 coaching and online group coaching. I enjoyed them both, but I really loved online coaching because of the energy and community aspect.  This was quite a few years ago before the boom of online courses and programs, so I had to fumble my way through things to figure out what I was doing. Now, there are so many more options as far as the tech.  It’s great to have a lot of options, but we also know that can sometimes feel overwhelming when you’re trying to choose one.  Let’s look at the two levels to think about when it comes to tech options. 

Level A is very simple and easy which is running your online program in a Facebook group or other online community like Mighty Networks.  You can either do weekly livestreams to cover the topics or upload pre-recorded videos and organize them by week and topic and have prompts/questions a few days a week.  You can also add livestream Q and A’s if you want.  The more opportunities for people to interact with you during a paid program the better and there is a higher perceived value when they get to interact with you and get their questions answered.

Level B involves more tech where you host the program using software such as Practice Better which we love because it’s designed specifically for health coaches and nutritionists or you can use something like Kartra, Kajabi or Thinkific. We host our online course through Kartra, and we really like it, but check out 3-4 options and decide which one will fit your needs the best and give it a try.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend choosing the easiest option for your first go around and then uplevel after that.  Don’t let tech be an obstacle to achieving what you want to do.


Option #3 for generating revenue with your expertise is a membership program – also referred to as a continuity program.  This is where people join and pay a monthly fee to get access to the information they want.  This can be a good option for people who want a low level of access and accountability but don’t want or need a lot of handholding like they would get with a 1-on-1 program.  A membership site can work well for options such as recipes or meal plans, workouts, monthly challenges, monthly health topics, etc. You get to decide what’s included based on the price you want to charge (and what your ideal clients would find most helpful).  For example, you could add monthly livestreams or Zoom calls where you go deeper into the topic, maybe you have guest experts you interview, or it can be more low-key and do live Q and A.  The tech required for this will vary depending on what you decide to include, but software such a Practice Better, Kajabi or Kartra would work. 

The benefit of a membership site is the recurring monthly revenue.  The downside is that you always have to be on top of the program content creation and plan accordingly. 

DIY Programs

Moving on to option #4 for generating revenue as a health coach is DIY programs.  This would be a DIY version of part of your coaching program where people go through the content on their own without any support from you.  This can be appealing for potential clients who want a lower-cost option and are good at implementing on their own. If you offer a DIY program, you’d want to host it in a software like we covered before because with the DIY, people don’t have access to you as they would if it were an online group program that may be hosted in a FB group.  You’d want to decide if you only want to offer a certain program as a DIY, such as a 30-day program or if you also want to offer this for your longer-term program. Generally, I would recommend this for just your shorter program, and then the next step would be to join one of your group or 1-on-1 coaching programs, but it’s up to you. 

Between the two of us, we have used all 4 of these options. They each have pros and cons, so decide what appeals to you the most and dive right in.    

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4 Types of Social Media Content That Converts with Alicia Streger

4 Types of Social Media Content That Converts with Alicia Streger

4 Types of Social Media Content That Converts with Alicia Steger

If you’re wondering what type of content works best on social media right now when it comes to engagement and conversions, you’re not alone.  Social media can feel like a constantly shifting landscape, right?

We’re here to help!

This week on The Wellness Business Podcast, we have our friend @Alicia Streger, on the show to break this all down for us. She’s an expert in social media content and we always love her insight about the most up-to-date strategies. Today she’ll help us dig into this topic to help make your posting content as engaging as possible.

In this episode, Alicia shares: 

  • The 4 types of content you should be posting on social media right now to grow and convert your audience from strangers to paying clients
  • What kind of content increases brand exposure and attracts a wider audience in relation to visibility, value and connection
  • The type of content that has been proven to increase sales, generate revenue, and transform lives (it’s easier than you think)

Tune in to discover the 4 types of social media content you should include in your strategy!

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The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Marketing platforms have come and gone, launching strategies have changed, and social media continues to evolve and change.

So, what should you be focusing on when it comes to marketing your health coaching business? 

We believe that there are fundamental commonalities between all successful online businesses that need to be considered when starting and building your wellness business in 2024. That’s why we want to share this formula with you. 

This comes back to the system and processes we teach in our signature program The Wellness Business Accelerator. We know our system works because it’s worked for so many coaches before you. When they work through our lessons and implement what we teach they start getting clients consistently and filling their programs. 

There are 4 main components to our business growth formula.

  • Identify
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Repeat

Let’s discuss each one of them individually. We’ll explain why each component is important and share the stories of coaches, just like you, that took action with our system and completely transformed their business.

Before we dive into the details, we want to let you know that the doors to our signature program, The Wellness Business Accelerator, are open now through Thursday, April 25th. In this program, you’ll discover a proven system for reaching your ideal clients online, growing an engaged email list, and consistently enrolling new clients within 60 days. Click the link learn more and see all that is included. We would love to welcome you as one of our newest students!   

Let’s dive into the first step: 

#1 – Identify

IDENTIFY is the first step in our 4 part process because it’s all about identifying your marketable ideal client. A marketable ideal client is someone that knows they have a problem, is in the process of seeking a solution, and has money they can invest in that solution.

The reason this is important is because if your ideal client is missing any of those three attributes you’ll struggle to get clients. You have to have a crystal clear marketing message that speaks clearly to the problem and symptoms your dream clients are trying to find a solution to.

For example, when we worked with Courtney inside our program she got these results:

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Using our unique process to dial in on and identify her ideal customer was a game-changer for Courtney. Once she applied what we teach it was clear to her dream clients what she had to offer and how it would help them reach their goals. We’ve worked with many clients just like Courtney that have been close to giving up so many times on their business. Maybe you can relate to her experience of struggling for years before finally having the right coaches like us and the right formula to dial in on her marketable ideal client which finally had sales rolling in.

Another similar story in this category is our student Sherly. Here’s what she had to say about working with us inside the Wellness Business Accelerator program.

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

In Sherly’s own words, she took the initiative to change her niche and then work through our system one module at a time. When she implemented what we teach using our proven signature program she not only enrolled 5 new clients into her diabetes program so believes the WBA is the best investment she’s ever made.

We don’t take those words lightly because we know how frustrating it can be when you’re working so hard day after day but the clients aren’t enrolling in your program. Here’s what we know for sure. It isn’t about working harder. It’s about working smarter and following a step-by-step system that has been designed specifically for those building wellness businesses.

Now let’s discuss step #2 which is ATTRACT.

Once you’re clear on who your marketable ideal client is, now it’s time to decide how you are going to attract those people particularly when you are launching your program.

Creating a launch plan ahead of time makes all the difference in whether you have a successful launch or one where you hear crickets and walk away feeling defeated. In the Wellness Business Accelerator program, we teach you the exact steps necessary to execute a prelaunch runway that will not only get your followers and subscribers excited about your program before opening your doors, but will increase your overall number of sales during your open cart period.

That’s exactly what happened for our client Ann-Marijke. Here’s what she had to say about her launch when she implemented a prelaunch runway. 

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Those are amazing results, right? A successful launch starts with what you do 30-45 days before the doors open and when you follow the step-by-step prelaunch runway system we teach in the Wellness Business Accelerator program you’ll experience increased sales just like Anne-Marijke.

Step #3 is CONVERT

Convert simply refers to anytime you guide a new email subscriber or social media follower to take action with you in incremental steps that eventually leads to that person becoming a paying client.

A couple of the biggest challenges that we know many health coaches face is that they aren’t making offers often enough and they aren’t exactly sure how to make sales without feeling salesy.

We get it, none of us want to feel salesy but when you have a program that you believe in and you know it gets results you have to build up the confidence to invite people to join you. For instance, we believe 100% in the power of our Wellness Business Accelerator program to change the trajectory of your business to one that is profitable and scalable. We have testimonial after testimonial from past clients sharing their personal stories of struggle to triumph using our unique system and coaching support. We know it worked for them and will work for you too if you follow what we teach.

A great example of this is one of our past clients, Brooklyn. Here’s what she had to say…

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

We don’t know about you but an extra $1,700 in one weekend sounds pretty sweet to us. When we worked with Brooklyn she implemented our strategies to put her offer out there and it converted like gangbusters. This wasn’t magic or a flash in the pan strategy. Instead, it was something that Brooklyn could repeat over and over to get her subscribers and followers to invest in her paid program any time she wanted. Sometimes it’s just a matter of following a proven system that asks your dream clients to work with you that makes all the difference.

Our client Shonda had similar results. Here’s what she had to say. 

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

These ladies are no different than you. The only thing that they’ve done that you haven’t is to enroll in The Wellness Business Accelerator program and follow our step-by-step roadmap for converting more clients.

Step # is REPEAT

This might be our favorite step because it’s the one that does all of the heavy lifting for you again and again while you reap all of the rewards in the months and years to come.

The first time you set something up, or run a launch for the first time, it’s always the hardest. It’s the time when you’ll create the most content, will feel the most out of your comfort zone, and will need to overcome limiting beliefs. However, once you have gone through the process following our step-by-step system, you be able to repeat it over and over again without anything more than a few minor tweaks to your content.

A great example of this is our student Gianna. Here’s what she had to say…

The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024

Ahhh… we love to hear this because so many of our students come to us trying to do all the things, blinded by shiny object syndrome and never feeling like they accomplish what they start out to do that results in paying clients. Inside the Wellness Business Accelerator program, we love to keep things simple so you can get organized and set up your systems. Just like Gianna you’ll be able to flush out so much of the unnecessary nonsense leading you to a more streamlined business that gets results and makes sales.


We’ve shared a lot of information with you today about the business growth formula we believe in and teach our clients. We’ve built the foundation of our Wellness Business Accelerator program around this formula and are excited to share it with you. We use it in our own businesses and teach what we know works for our clients. The doors to the Wellness Business Accelerator are open right now and you are invited to join us through this Thursday, April 25th.

If any one of these coaches’ stories resonated with you today, our doors will be open through the end of the day on Thursday, April 25th and we would love to welcome you as our newest WBA student. Click the link above to get all the details and see how we can help you transform your business.

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How to Decide if an Evergreen Workshop is Right for You

How to Decide if an Evergreen Workshop is Right for You

How to Decide if an Evergreen Workshop is Right for You

A highly effective strategy for enrolling clients in your coaching programs is to offer online workshops (webinars). Once you have a workshop in place that works well, you may decide to offer it as an evergreen (pre-recorded) option, so people can sign up for it and watch it any time. 

Choosing to provide an evergreen workshop sounds like an amazing ‘set it & forget it’ marketing strategy but there are a few things you need to consider before making this decision.

First, you need to know what your goals are for this strategy. It’s always good to be intentional with your decisions when it comes to marketing your coaching business.

Is your goal based on marketing convenience, (as it you’re loving the ‘set it and forget it’ model), list building, or for revenue generation (or both)?

Once you know your goal, it’ll be easier to decide which style of evergreen options you should embrace. There are two types – Using a professional software like EasyWebinar or a DIY model using an online storage option like Dropbox. EasyWebinar is not the only option. There are many to choose from but for the sake of example, we’ll be referring to EasyWebinar.

When you choose a software like EasyWebinar, there are many moving parts but it does have its benefits. This software is designed to make it appear as if the workshop is live, (even though it’s pre-recorded), which means that you’ll ultimately end up with more clients joining your coaching program. The live appearance using this software will lead to higher conversions. That said, this software is a lot of work to set up. Let’s break it down.

  • Appears as if it’s live – your attendees will need to choose a date/time and register for that specific event.
  • Great list builder
  • The software requires you to have multiple email sequences in place. One that goes out before the workshop encouraging them to show up live, reminding them of the amazing benefits of attending the call. It also requires a “we’re live” email as one more reminder and lastly a couple of follow up email sequences based on whether or not they attended live or didn’t show up at all.
  • The software monitors if someone showed up and the length of time they stayed which is super helpful when it comes to analyzing the conversion rate.
  • Software is pricey – $80/month (EasyWebinar)

This is a much more professional option and will definitely convert at a higher rate. Meaning that whatever you offer at the end of your workshop will have more clients enrolling than if you choose to do the DIY option that we’ll discuss next.

Next up, is what we like to call a DIY Evergreen Option. It’s much easier to design and can be set up really quickly compared to the other option we discussed. Let’s go over how this would work.

  • The DIY option would be set up as an on-demand option. Meaning the future attendee would opt-in for the replay link and it would be sent to them immediately in an email. No need to choose a date or time.
  • This option is also a great list builder
  • The emails required would include a delivery email with the recording link and then a follow up email sales sequence that would promote your program for 5-7 days.
  • No software expense – only online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive

This option is a tradeoff. It’s easier to set up but won’t convert nearly as well as the other option that appears live. But this is a great place to start if you’re just getting started since it has a low barrier to entry and can be set up more quickly.

Here’s what you need to know before choosing either one of these options.

Before going evergreen you should deliver the workshop a few times live to get a high-quality recording that has been proven to convert attendees into paying clients. This is a really important piece of the puzzle. We know that many coaches want to go straight to the recording option so they don’t have to feel out of their comfort zone by doing a live workshop but showing up live will improve your presentation skills and ultimately give you a better recording for your evergreen model.

There you have it. Two different options to set up an evergreen workshop in your health coaching business.

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