The Formula for Getting Clients Through Social Media in 2023

Are you spending hours on social media every week but you’re not getting clients?

If you aren’t having much success getting clients from social media, it’s likely because there are a few missing pieces in your strategy or maybe you don’t really have much of an actual strategy except for posting content to check it off the old to-do list.

The good news is that by implementing a few key changes, you can turn things around and start getting clients each and every month, even if you don’t have thousands and thousands of followers yet.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 thing you must have in place to stand out and attract the right audience
  • How to lead followers to the next step in the customer journey, so they move closer to becoming a client
  • How to create content that will attract the right people and have them coming back to your account day after day
  • The social media content format that isn’t optional in 2023

And more!

If you’re ready to deploy a strategy that will help you get more clients from social media, this is the episode for you.

Here’s what’s important to remember; social media is not the final destination but it’s a starting point to allow people to connect with you and find out more about you and what your business has to offer. Social media is usually the starting point of the customer journey where people first learn about you, and you have to map out what the next steps are that will move people along the customer journey – all the way to becoming a client.  This can take time and the more you plan it out, the better results you’ll see.

A common mistake people make with their social media is posting content just to check something off their to-do list, but there is no real strategy in place as far as how to lead people to the next step and turn them into paying clients, and that’s what we’re going to help you with today.

Here are 5 things to implement with your social media strategy, so you can start seeing dramatically better results quickly: 

#1. Have a clear and specific niche, so you stand out and attract the RIGHT people – not just everyone and anyone.  You don’t want to attract the masses on social media, and you don’t need your posts to go viral because it will likely reach a ton of people who are not your ideal clients.  Narrowing in on who you help and what problem you help them solve, will help you know what type of content to create, so you can get the attention of the folks you can help.

You want to get clarity on WHO you help, what problem you help them solve and HOW you help them – the process or system you use.  When you go from sharing more general information to specialty-specific content, you’ll attract more of your ideal clients and that’s what you want.

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#2. The second thing that is important to keep in mind is the customer journey.  What is a next step followers can take to get to know you more? You want to think about these steps as touchpoints or micro steps – and each one helps people get to know more about you and if you are the person to help them.  The more people get to know you AND understand how you might be able to help them, the more likely they are to sign up for your programs – it all starts with trust.  Examples of this include a next step such as: Join your Facebook group, sign up for one of your free resources, read one of your blog posts, join a challenge, watch one of your videos, book a discovery call, join your program. How are you incorporating the customer journey right now and how often are you directing people to another touchpoint?  You want to do this at least twice a week if possible.

#3. Come up with 5-7 content pillars or categories of posts that are related to your niche, so when people visit your social media accounts and they see your first few posts, they can instantly tell what you are about and who you help (this can also help you stay ‘on topic’ with your content). These pillars or categories will be you go-to content ideas that will grow and evolve over time. The better your content is, the more devoted followers you will have. I do this by using a Google sheet, and I have columns with the content pillar names at the top, and then my social media team and I fill in the topics that are related to that pillar or category. It makes it so much easier to keep things organized this way and it also makes it easier to know what type of content to cover. If your niche is helping people with gluten sensitivity, transition to a gluten-free lifestyle, an example of 5 content pillars that could work.

        1. Hidden sources of gluten in food and personal care products
        2. Meal planning when you’re the only one in your family who is GF
        3. How to avoid cross contamination in the kitchen
        4. How to shop GF on a budget
        5. Eating GF while traveling

Keep in mind that each pillar is broken down into smaller bite size topics, so the pillar about Eating out while traveling could cover many different posts such as:  how to prepare snacks for the road, preparing snacks for the plane, scouting out the grocery stores and restaurants near your destination, what GF apps to use, and so on.

This is something else we go into in great detail inside the WBA in the lesson on Turning SM Followers into Paying Clients, so if you didn’t join us in the WBA last week, be sure to get on the waitlist at  so you can  join us next time.

#4. Incorporate video into your social media strategy, so people can instantly connect with you and get a sense of your personality.  Video really isn’t optional in 2023 if you want to stand out and build your business. People want to work with those they feel like they know and trust, and video is the quickest and most effective way to do it. Start simply with stories, reels or other recorded video format to get practice and build your confidence. Think about the people you follow and the accounts you like, chances are, they are doing video on a regular basis, and you feel like you have a connection with them, right?  You want to do the same for your audience. How many vides are you doing each week?  It doesn’t have to be all of your content because some people prefer to read content, but 1-2 videos each week will help you reach more people and allow your followers to get to know you.  I find doing 1-2 reels each week is doable, and I do some face to camera stories as well as one livestream in my Facebook group each month.  That works for me, so find what works for you – it may be more, or it might be less – but start where you can and grow from there.

#5: This is a big one! Make offers on a regular basis (discovery calls, joining your group program or membership).   

Okay, be honest – how often are you sharing offers to work with you?  Most coaches aren’t doing this nearly often enough, and it’s one of the main reasons they aren’t getting more clients.  It would be great if our followers just clicked on our bio and booked a call without a prompt, but the truth is that our audience needs reminders about what we do, who we help, client success stories, testimonials – this takes some time, so being consistent with this is super important. 

Are you mentioning your paid programs or client success stories at least once a week?  One way to do this is to sprinkle in short stories about progress a client made or a goal they achieved. Don’t use their name, but you can say something like “I was just speaking with one of my clients last week and she was so excited to tell me she was able to fit into the jeans she had pushed way back into the back of the closet because she didn’t think she’d be ever to wear them again.”  You can share quick wins your clients have had, and then say “If you’d like to see if we would be a good fit to work together, click the link below to book a free discovery call”.  Easy, breezy, right?


Here are 5 things to implement with your social media strategy to see better results and start getting clients:

  1. Have a clear and specific niche, so you stand out and attract the RIGHT people – not just everyone and anyone.
  2. Keep the customer journey in mind.
  3. Come up with 5-7 ‘content pillars’.
  4. Incorporate video into your strategy.
  5. Make offers on a regular basis.

What is one thing you can start this week?

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