If you’re a health and wellness professional, I bet you are kind, compassionate, and you are also driven to help others. These are some of the qualities that make you a great health coach.

What if there was one other quality you could add to the mix that would make you irresistible to your dream clients?

I know when I first started out as a health coach I was fearful of letting my guard down. I was afraid to let my clients know that I struggled with some of the same things they did.  I guess I thought I was supposed to have it all figured out, and I shouldn’t let my clients know that I had struggles too.

What I came to realize is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Our clients aren’t looking for a coach that’s perfect; they’re looking for a coach that is perfect for them.

How do you feel when you are listening to a keynote speaker, and they share where they came from; their hardships and their challenges?  We tend to think successful people have always been that way. When they share their story, they become more like us, and they are much more relatable. It’s as though the walls come down, and we instantly like them.

When people know that you’re human, you’re not perfect, and you have overcome your own struggles (or maybe you’re still working on them) they can relate to you so much more.  People instantly feel like “Wow, he/she totally gets me!”

That’s who people want to work with.   If you come across as being too perfect, your clients won’t feel nearly as comfortable being honest with you. They are likely to be fearful that you are judging them in some way.

I always share how I grew up on a lot of processed foods, and I wish I knew then what I know now, etc.   I also tell my clients I don’t have a perfect diet. I eat fresh, healthy foods most of the time, but I’m also fine splurging on cookies or french fries once in a while.  They always have a sigh of relief, and I know it lets them feel that it’s okay to be real with me.

Maybe you’re still on your weight loss journey, or you’re still working on eating healthier. Whatever it is, no one expects you to be perfect, and in fact, most people will relate to you so much more when they see that you’re human too.  Our clients can easily feel insecure around us, and may not be truthful with their progress or if they’ve gotten off track.  Let them know up front that you aren’t perfect, and you don’t expect them to be perfect either.

You have a story to tell – make it real.

Share some of what you’ve learned and a little bit about the ‘mess’ you may have been in the past.  You don’t have to share all the nitty gritty details, but just be you and don’t be afraid to lay some of your cards on the table.  Of course, you have to be selective with what you share, but your clients want to know about your struggles too.

You never know who you may inspire by sharing what you have overcome or what you are currently working on to become an even better version of YOU.

Let me know what you think 🙂

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