Want to Have More Transformational Topics to Cover With Your Clients?

Now You Can Expand Your Coaching “Toolbox” So You Can Confidently Serve Your Clients Longer

Dear Health Coach,

I’m Kathleen LeGrys, and as a fellow health coach (and now mentor to thousands of wellness entrepreneurs), I have faced some of the same challenges you’re likely facing right now.

Tell me if you’ve ever been here…

  • You’ve been working with a client for several months.
  • You love working with them and they’re really happy with their results.
  • But you see “the end” quickly approaching.
  • They’re nearly 6 months into your 6-month program.

You would like to sign your client up for another few sessions of coaching… but you’re not sure what else you could cover with them to keep their momentum going.

OR you want more content for your online coaching program or monthly subscription (membership site)

I know that you care deeply about your coaching clients and want to deliver them the best possible coaching experience.

And I know how frustrating it can be to try to reinvent the wheel with crafting your own sessions.

In my flagship program Coach With Confidence, I provide you with 12 comprehensive coaching sessions. Each one with simple action steps to help your clients live healthier lives.

If you work with clients for 12 sessions on average and increase it to 15, you can make 25% more revenue… while saving time, money and energy on marketing efforts.

Today, I want to talk to you about 3 more sessions that you can add to your coaching programs in an organized and systematic way. By doing so, you’ll be able to serve each client more deeply (while moving towards your business goals).

PLUS, If you’d like to launch a membership site, having a wide selection of topics is critical to keep people coming back month after month.



The Coach With Confidence Booster Pack – Volume 2

Here are the 3 session topics covered:

1.  Food Sensitivities

  • What are food sensitivities and what causes them
  • Why it’s important to recognize and address food sensitivities
  • Celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivities
  • Tips for avoiding foods you’re sensitive to

2.  Emotional Eating

  • Common causes of emotional eating and recognizing the triggers
  • The food-feeling connection
  • Strategies to cope with and improve emotional eating
  • When to seek professional help

3.  Balancing Blood Sugar

  • What is blood sugar and how does our body regulate it?
  • The importance of maintaining stable blood sugar
  • Diet and lifestyle strategies to maintain stable blood sugar
  • Insulin resistance and diabetes

Coach More Confidently and More Profitably

Here’s how this package can help you grow your business:

  • Support your clients with the latest hot topics that they’re eager to learn more about so you can retain clients longer, get more referrals, and spend less time and money trying to drum up new business.
  • Just like Coach with Confidence, each session is laid out in a clear and concise format that is easy to customize and brand as your own.
  • Have “grab and go” lessons that you can apply to any coaching format. You’re not limited to using these lessons only with your 1-on-1 clients. You can also use them for one-to-many programs such as online membership sites or workshops (allowing you to earn more per hour).
  • Be confident knowing that if your clients bring these topics up, you’ll be prepared to provide them with the right information.

But That’s Not All…

By being able to work with clients more deeply on topics that are in high demand for your niche, your services will become even more valuable… allowing you to charge more over time. If you see clients for 10 hours each week and raise your rates by just $10/hour, that’s another $5,000 per year.

30-Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If you take action and start using these 3 lessons with your clients, I know you’ll be thrilled BUT I do offer a risk-free money-back a just in case. No worries!



The Coach with Confidence program has been a lifesaver for me as a new health and wellness coach!

I absolutely love the new topics of Emotional Eating, Food Sensitivities, and Balancing Blood Sugar. They are so relevant and can be used in almost any niche.  Kathleen’s products have been a key part of my program and are so easy to use. My clients love having the beautiful and professional looking content to keep them motivated and on track between sessions.

Using these new topics give me even more flexibility and options for my clients to gain the results they are looking for in their health. I’m a happy coach with happy clients, thanks in large part to the confidence and support I’ve received from using Kathleen’s products! 

Shonda Palmer, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

You somehow managed to take a scientific topic like “blood sugar” and bring it down to a level anyone could understand and keep it interesting.  I learned quite a few things also.  You have made my job easy.  You educate, inspire and provide solutions using beautiful flowing presentations.

The Emotional Eating session is a great topic.  Having that conversation with anyone is tough, and most are ashamed or aren’t sure what to do.  To be able to put it out there for discussion, in such a safe place, will help so many people.  As always, I love how you educate us on the problem, inspire us and provide solutions to help our clients. 

I got really excited for the Food Sensitivity session.   My niche is gut health, and this can be a perfect funnel for me for my 1 on 1 coaching or signature program.  You really covered it and so many people are dealing with this who don’t know it.  You did an exceptional job on helping us becoming aware of our sensitivities, educating us, tips and inspiring us to find solutions. 

Joan Morrison, Holistic Health Coach

I am so impressed with Kathleen’s done-for-you programs (I have all of them!) however, the new three additions she has created to add to the 6-month coaching program are beyond awesome. These are also usable for workshop presentations and mini-trainings. The content is amazingly in-depth and will be a fantastic addition to the other information I have for my coaching clients, and it can easily be used for group coaching too.

Kathleen has outdone herself this time around and I’m so glad to have these as part of my arsenal for my clients and for use in my practice. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Lynn Wadsworth, Certified Health Coach

Here’s a Recap of What You Get:

As you can see, there’s a lot of incredible value jam-packed into this program.

  • A systematized approach for helping clients balance blood sugar, understand food sensitivities and better deal with emotional eating (a $300 value)
  • A customizable food-mood journal that you can give to your clients for the emotional eating topic (a $40 value).
  • The confidence that you’re ready to help clients on a deeper level (priceless).

“Okay, Kathleen… This Sounds Awesome. But What’s the Price???”

All together, this program is a total value of $340.

You can get EVERYTHING in the Coach With Confidence Booster Pack Volume 2 for just  

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

If you are ready to start coaching with confidence and give yourself more time with your clients and your family (and yourself!)… and if you want a turn-key system to take your business to the next level…

Here’s what you need to do now…

Hit the ‘buy now’ button below and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page to enter your details… after that, sit back, relax and you’ll have all of these incredible tools at your fingertips within minutes.

You’ll be ready to share your passion, and help more people right away!

I look forward to helping you!

To your success,


Start Coaching With EVEN MORE Confidence Today!

Coach With Confidence Booster Pack Volume 2 – just one single payment of $147.

Note: This program contains all digital content which will be sent to you right away. No physical products will be sent to you.


Note: This program is intended for certified health coaches or other qualified health, wellness and fitness professionals. This is not an educational course or certification program that teaches you how to be a coach. This program is also designed to be an add-on to the Coach with Confidence program (12 core, foundational healthy lifestyle topics).

Can I brand this as my own?

Absolutely! You can edit everything as you like and add your own personality to the program.  There is NO copyright information on the material (The terms and conditions agreement explains the specifics). My goal is to have this program be about YOUR branding, not mine.

How much content is in each session?

Each session has between 7-15 pages of content and each session ends with suggested actionable steps or “to-do’s”.  You will receive the program in Canva presentations (slide decks), Google Docs and Google Slides.

Does this program address a certain dietary style or theory?

This program does not address any one dietary theory but it does address having clients tune in to how foods make them feel, which allows them to gravitate toward what works best for their unique needs and body.

Can I use this content for an online program?

Definitely! With this booster pack, you will have the perfect format and content for virtual coaching. The Canva slide deck presentations or Google Slides version are great to use as live or recorded videos. 

Can I use this program for 1-on-1 clients?

Of course! One of the most common concerns I hear from coaches is that they want to feel prepared and confident before they start working with clients. They don’t want to ‘wing it’ and feel unsure of what to cover during their coaching sessions or run out of topics to talk about). You can send the content ahead of time for your clients to review, or you can send it after the session as a recap.

Are recipes included?

Since coaches have different dietary approaches, there are no recipes included. I send my clients recipes that are either from the IIN handouts or other monthly recipe programs I have from other sources.

How soon will I receive my program?

Is ‘right away’ soon enough? Once your payment is processed, look for an email from me with your new ‘Coach with Confidence Booster Pack’ within minutes.  You will receive access to your digital files that you can download and start customizing immediately.

Will I receive hard copies?

This program is digital so you can customize it and brand it as your own. If you are using the content for 1-on-1 coaching, you can print out each session and give to your client (or email the sessions to them so they have a digital copy). Many coaches use this as an online program, so no hard copies are needed.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely!  I want to make this a no-risk decision. If you find this program is not a good fit for you, just request a refund within 30 days of purchase – no questions asked. Of course, you won’t be able to use the program content with a refund, but it’s important to me that anyone that purchases one of my programs is completely satisfied with it.


Get the Coach With Confidence Booster Pack Volume 2 Today!

One payment of $147.

Note: This program contains all digital content which will be sent to you right away. No physical products will be sent to you.