5 Ways to Generate Content Ideas that Resonate with Your Ideal Clients

Creating and sharing your content online is a foundational strategy for standing out and having people find you, so it’s an important piece of the marketing puzzle. Whether you create content weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you want it to resonate with your ideal clients, so they keep coming back for more, and ultimately, some of them will become paying clients. 

One of the biggest struggles with being consistent in creating content is coming up with ideas on a regular basis, so on this episode, we’re sharing 5 Ways to Find Content Ideas that Resonate with Your Ideal Clients, so you never run out of ideas again.

Here are the 5 strategies we use for coming up with ideas:

1. Ask your audience. You can do this by posting in your Facebook group if you have one, wherever you are on social media, and/or in your emails.  You can either choose 3-5 topics and have your audience vote on them to see which one gets the most interest or ask them what their top question or struggle is right now when it comes to _________ (insert your area of specialty as a health coach).  Example: What question or struggle do you have when it comes to sticking with a ketogenic diet.

2. Use Chat GPT. I love this option because it can give you so many ideas you may not have even considered!  If you use ChatGPT and type in something like: Please give me a list of 20 different topic ideas for _______________ (enter your area of specialty).  Or What are 10 common mistakes people make with________.

If your niche is working with menopausal women, you can enter into ChatGPT: Can you please give me a list of 20 topic ideas for women who are going through menopause? Or… Can you please give me a list of 20 common struggles menopausal women are dealing with?  BAM! Idea after idea will pop up as a place to start. 

3. Questions you get from clients/discovery calls. Questions and comments that come up during these calls can be great topics for you content.  Take notes during these calls, so you can keep a running list. If your potential clients have the question, your audience likely does too. 

4. Bust common myths or mistakes related to your niche. You can use ChatGPT for this too if something doesn’t come to mind. For example, type in: What are 10 common myths people have about intermittent fasting? Pick one of them and address it in your content.  Busting myths can work extremely well with addressing objections your audience may have, and it can move them another step closer to working with you.

5. Small chunks of content from your paid programs.  If you have your coaching program put together already, you can pull out small pieces of it to share with your audience.  We do this quite a bit with the Wellness Business Accelerator program, and we share bits of pieces of strategies we teach, but we don’t give away the entire system – we save that for our students.  You can do the same thing with your program, and it can be a really good way to generate interest and draw people in to want to learn more from you.   

TIP: Keep a running list of ideas somewhere handy – Google sheets, Trello or whatever you use.  We keep a running list in Google sheets since that’s where we keep all of our podcast topics, dates to record, when each episode goes live, etc. so that makes it easy for us, but do what works for you.

When you refer to these 5 ideas, you’ll have a long list of topics to cover that your audience will appreciate. 

If you have questions or want to share any tips for how you come up with your content, come on over to Instagram and let us know.  I’m at kathleenlegrys and Karen is at karenpattock. We would love to hear from you.

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