Why Your Copy Isn’t Converting

If you have ever promoted a free offer, a webinar or a paid program and the results were disappointing, there are 4 common reasons why your copy isn’t converting and we’re diving into them on this episode of the podcast. 

Low conversion rates happen to all of us at some point or another but when you know how to troubleshoot the problem, you’ll see much higher conversion rates. 

In this episode, we’re sharing the top 4 reasons and giving you examples of how to fix them.

Reason #1: You are speaking more about the features or the “stuff” they get instead of the benefits and results.

Reason #2: You are not focusing enough on their pain points and conveying that you understand where they are right now.

Reason #3: You aren’t using the words or phrases they are using or things they are saying to themselves.

Reason #4: You aren’t addressing and disarming their objections.

Copywriting comes into play with ALL all of your messaging, from your emails and social media posts to your sales pages, landing pages for your free offers, your website, your blog posts and more.

Listen in to learn more about these 4 reasons and find out how you can easily turn it around to get more people taking action.

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