Starting Today…

You Can Have a Proven Step-by-Step System to CONSISTENTLY Help Your Clients Get Great Results

while Boosting Your Confidence as a Health Coach

And the Best Part…

It Will Help You Work Less, Earn More, and Spend More Time Doing What You Love 

Dear Health Coach,

Hi! My name is Kathleen LeGrys.

For over 9 years, I’ve helped coaches like you make it easier to grow their practices and provide great service to their clients.

I know what it takes to move forward in your health coaching career because I’ve been there and done it myself (while tending to my “real” full-time job as a mom of 2 kids).

But it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows…

Does This Sound Familiar…?

After earning your health coach certification, your initial excitement is quickly replaced by self-doubt.


You aren’t sure what to cover with your clients which leaves you feeling completely out of your element. Or worse…you don’t even start to coach because you aren’t sure where to begin.


You feel overwhelmed by the demands on your time and you wonder if it’s REALLY possible to deal with day-to-day responsibilities AND grow a successful coaching practice.


You start to feel like you can’t make a REAL difference (or earn the income you want) because there are too many moving parts inside your coaching business, and you are limited on time.


You feel like you are all alone and have to “work it all out” by yourself. You are second-guessing yourself…wondering if I you’re doing it right.


You sometimes feel like an imposter pretending to be a coach.

Can you relate to any of that?  If so, just know that I felt the EXACT SAME WAY when I was a new health coach!

I Remember How Nervous I Was Before Client Sessions… Afraid I Just Wasn’t Good Enough and My Clients Would See Right Through Me…

As a new health coach, I was confused about how to actually coach and build my business.

I felt stuck constantly “reinventing the wheel” rather than having a standardized way of serving my clients and spent WAY too much time preparing for each client session.

I knew this was limiting my income and my ability to make a positive impact on the world…

…but I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it happen.

But then one day, something just hit me…

I don’t know what you call it… serendipity? An A-ha moment?

All I know is it changed my life and income forever… and it gave me the instant boost of confidence I needed.

I was thinking about the common issues most of my clients struggled with…

I poured through months of client session notes…

While I kept reinventing the wheel with session outlines, I really just kept covering the same topics over and over again.

Instead of brainstorming session outlines from scratch for each new client (which is exactly what I was doing – this equals way too much of your time)…

I created a handful of “master sessions”…  detailed coaching session plans for the most common topics ahead of time.

The result wasn’t just better for me…it was better for my clients too and they loved it!


These master sessions have grown over time to form the bedrock of every successful coaching program I’ve ever run (and probably ever will).

Coaching Can Get EASIER, More FUN And More PROFITABLE in the Blink Of An Eye

I don’t want you to keep having to build your coaching programs from scratch like I was. This takes way too much time, and it’s not an efficient (or profitable) way to run your business. I know because I was doing it the wrong way too.

I know how much these master sessions changed my business and allowed me to coach my clients more confidently. It also allowed me to take my coaching online with ease.

That’s why I’m making every single one of these bedrock coaching sessions available to you.

Instead of wasting time stressing over what to cover with your clients, and fear that you’ll come across as not knowing what you’re doing…

You can focus on connecting deeply with your clients and put your coaching skills into action.

I’ll handle the boring headache-inducing stuff so you can focus on what you’re great at. 🙂

By playing to your strengths, your clients will get better results… earning you more referrals (and profits) in the process.

And that’s not even the best part…

Imagine delivering stunning coaching sessions that look like this

(this is just a sample of two of the twelve sessions you get)…

The best part is that every session is 100% brandable and customizable to your own brand, niche and style of coaching.

You’ll receive the 12 sessions in Canva, Google Slides and Google docs, so you choose the format you like best.

Coach with Confidence


The Coach with Confidence program is the QUICKEST, EASIEST, most COMPREHENSIVE and CUSTOMIZABLE done-for-you health coaching solution available. It is…


Packed with 12 comprehensive coaching sessions, including simple actionable steps your clients can take to continue to make progress.


A fully customizable and brandable 6-month coaching program you can use to give yourself more time and energy to focus on your strengths. Each session is available in Canva, Google Slides and Google docs, so you can use the format you like best.


Perfect for any service delivery format. Whether you do one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or online coaching, and in no matter which type of coaching style, you’ll always have the ideal tools for your clients.


Fully adaptable into two separate 3-month programs to maximize your profits by selling one program and then upselling your happy clients into the next.


And much more

If You Want To Coach Smarter, Let ‘Coach with Confidence’ Do all the ‘Foot Work’ For You

The 12 Session Topics Include:

1.  Why Diets Don’t Work And What Does Work, Long-Term

  • Why one diet doesn’t work for everyone
  • What to focus on ADDING IN instead of restricting
  • The myths we’ve been falling for and why your yo-yo diet history isn’t your fault
  • Simple things you can start with right away

2.  Exercise Strategies To Maximize Results

  • Easy ways to get started with exercise
  • How to maximize results without spending hours at the gym
  • Common roadblocks to exercise with simple solutions
  • How to bust through a weight loss plateau

3.  Why It’s Not Just About Food And Exercise

  • What nourishes us on a deeper level
  • Why eating can be used to fill a void and what to do about it
  • Life balance: what is it and how it can help with your goals

4.  Mindful Eating And Portion Control 

  • Discover 8 ways to get a better handle on portion control without feeling deprived
  • Learn what mindful eating is and how it can help with weight loss and overall health
  • Mindless eating triggers and solutions

5.  Understanding And Conquering Cravings 

  • Common causes of cravings and how to deal with them
  • How to curb cravings and find healthier options
  • Why your sugar and/or junk food habit isn’t all your fault

6.  Menu Planning For Success

  • How planning ahead can help you eat healthier and lose weight
  • How to save time, money, calories and stress
  • Quick prep and cooking tips
  • Planning for busy weeks

7.  Stress Reduction And Self-Care

  • How stress can affect you physically and emotionally
  • Getting better control over your schedule and your life
  • Putting YOU at the top of your priority list
  • 22 ways to reduce stress and take care of yourself

8.  Supercharged Goal Setting

  • How to get crystal clear on your goals
  • Aligning your goals with your life priorities
  • How to put yourself towards the top of the list
  • Figuring out your WHY (written exercise)
  • Setting SMART short-term and long-term goals

9.  Mindset And Habits For Powerful Change

  • Identifying the thoughts and actions that may be keeping you ‘stuck’
  • How to take a step back and shift your mindset and attitude
  • Evaluating the ‘auto-pilot’ habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Why it’s not about ‘perfection’ but PROGRESS

10. Fueling Your Body For Great Results 

  • Why what we eat really matters
  • How food affects how we look, feel and age
  • Focus on thriving, not depriving
  • The basics of protein, carbs and fat and why each is important
  • Food journaling

11.  Boosting Your Energy

  • The foods and habits that may be boosting or depleting your energy levels
  • Simple tips to start improving your energy today
  • The way you start your morning can have a big impact on your energy throughout the day
  • Tips to avoid the 3 pm slump

12.  Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy 

  • How processed foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts (even when you’re counting calories)
  • The top controversial food additives
  • Tips to make label reading easier
  • How to start with simple changes
Coach with Confidence


Plus… You Get ALL Of These Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Customizable & Brandable Coaching Handouts Bundle ($180 Value)

Help your clients get better results with these helpful resources:

These handouts include…


15 Ideas For Better Sleep


22 Ways To Take Care Of You (Self Care Tips)


8 Tips For Better Portion Control


Super Six Ways to Eat Your Veggies


What Are Food Sensitivities?


6 Ways to Bust a Weight Loss Plateau


20 Healthy Snack Ideas

Bonus #2 – Interactive Client Worksheet Bundle ($225 Value)

These simple resources will help keep your clients engaged in their health journey and maintain momentum between coaching sessions.

This includes…


Weekly Food Log to help give you and your clients a more accurate idea of how they’re already eating, which eating habits need to be changed, and which eating habits to keep practicing.


Menu Planning Worksheet so your clients can plan their healthy meals in advance (and be less likely to fall back into old ways of eating.)


Supercharged Goal Setting Worksheet to help your clients design their ideal life.

Bonus #3 – Customizable Sample Sales Page ($97 Value)

An effective sales page is critical if you want to enroll as many clients as possible each time your promote your programs.

Using this sample sales page, you can convey the value of your coaching program to your target market.

Customize this page for your brand. This sales page is text-only so you can add your own touches and let your personality shine through.

Bonus #4 – Customizable Promotional Emails and Social Media Posts ($400 value) 

Promote your program with ease. Know exactly what to say to convey the value and transformation your program provides with this bonus of 5 professionally written customizable emails, and 4 social media posts. 

Bonus #5 – Online Coaching Bundle ($2,400 value)

Put most of your online coaching program on autopilot by delivering it via email or through a membership platform.

This includes…


TWENTY-FOUR detailed support emails (two per session) that include important highlights of each session, tips for simple steps clients can take each week, and reminders to post their comments in your online group forum (this helps to keep your clients engaged and active in your group) ($1,100 Value)


Workshop-style sessions in slide deck format so you can use ALL 12 topics as ‘modules’ for your online course or program. Each session includes beautifully designed slides (in Canva and Google Slides) that are perfect to use as narrated modules for your program or online course (complete with presenter notes). Use these for your coaching program or break them up for 12 individual workshops you can use anytime. ($1200 Value)


A step-by-step coaching guide with the strategies you need to get your program up and running with confidence and ease. ($45 value)


Facebook (or other online forum) group posts for two different sessions. This will give you your ‘training wheels’ so you can develop your own posts as you go. ($75 value)


Exclusive tips for how to keep your group active and engaged, so your clients get the most out of your program. ($75 value)


A welcome email to send to participants as they join your program. This gives a great first impression to your clients and sets the stage for what they can expect while they’re in your program. ($45 value)


A “Congratulations” email at the end of your online program that will make your clients feel accomplished and appreciated, plus this is the perfect time to highlight any additional services you offer. ($45 value)

But That’s STILL Not All…

Bonus #6 – Facebook Group Support (Priceless)

I’m committed to your success!

You might have some questions as you put this program to use in your business. 

When you do, I’m there for you. Just ask away and I’ll answer.

PLUS, you’ll get support and insights from the rest of the Health Coach Solutions community :-).

Bonus #7 – Step-by-Step Video Tutorials for Setting Up Your Online Coaching Program ($297 Value)

The quickest and easiest way to set up your online coaching program is with email and a Facebook group. I recommend you start simple and get fancy later if you want.

In these detailed video tutorials, you’ll learn everything you need to know, step by step, including:


How to quickly and easily set up your Facebook group for your program.


How to use the “Guides” feature inside your group to organize your content and make it easy for your members to find it and follow along.


How to use the Events feature to get more people showing up to your livestreams (if you want to include live video).


How to set up MailerLite for delivering some of the content via email (you can do this with any email provider, but MailerLite is super easy, and it’s free up to 1,000 email subscribers).


How to quickly and easily upload files and videos to your group to keep them organized.


Setting up your sales page with MailerLite.


How to integrate Paypal to make it easy for people to pay you.

These tutorials will make it a breeze to get your online coaching program up and going in no time.  You can post any of your tech questions in our customer support Facebook group too – you will not be left alone to figure this out.

NOTE: You’ll also receive a welcome video script for your group, so you know exactly what to say in the video that new members will see as soon as they join, that will put them at ease and make them feel like they have made the right decision.

Altogether, the Online Coaching Bundle is a $3,197 Value!

Here’s What You Can Experience by Using Coach with Confidence


Feel calm and in-control during client sessions knowing you have a clear plan for what to cover with each client.


Be confident and certain in your ability to deliver a great experience to your clients.


Free up extra hours in the week so you can see more clients…OR take some more personal time. It’s your business, you get to make the rules. 🙂


Simplify your business so you can earn more income while avoiding overwhelm.


Cut-down on client prep time so you can fit coaching appointments into your schedule more conveniently.


Improve your work/life balance and discover how you can grow your coaching business while taking care of your other responsibilities (and still having time for yourself.)


Stop second-guessing yourself knowing you’re armed with a time-tested, expert-crafted coaching framework.


Know you are the “real deal” as a coach who gets great results for your clients

Here’s What Other Health Coaches are Saying…

Mark uses Coach with Confidence to BUILD his coaching business

LeeAnn FILLS her Practice with Coach with Confidence

I love this program! It’s the perfect way to coach clients and have confidence while doing it!”

Victoria Netzband Morris

I am so grateful I found you! Your products are already helping my coaching business so much. I have purchased other done-for-you programs before that I just found confusing and complicated so I never used them.

This is already helping me build my confidence as a coach as well as leverage my time while I am still working full-time while trying to build a successful coaching business. This is the BEST I have felt about my health coaching business in a very long time!”

Heather Schuller, CHC

“Kathleen has created an amazing system, a completely “done-for-me” program, filled with rich content, beautiful images, professionally edited and delivered right to my Inbox – WOW!

As a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Kathleen’s guidance regarding Fitness and Health are unmatched. She has been a mentor, a teacher and a valuable resource for me. Now having her in my corner on the business side is a huge bonus.

With this new program, she over-delivers again – Big Time! If you are ready to take your coaching to the next level, take advantage of this special talent and let Kathleen and her tools go to work for you and your clients. I’m glad I did!”

Rick Gabrielly, AADP, CHC, BA

“I absolutely love this program!!! You truly created a program for me as a Coach on exactly what my heart wanted to say and Coach to my clients. 

Your gift of what you do is changing people’s lives exceedingly, abundantly, and in so many ways that you cannot even begin to imagine, and I wanted you to know that I am one of those people. God used your services to me to be a double blessing, and I have no doubt that it will be a blessing for all my clients as well.

Thank you, Kathleen!”

Dorthula Gibson

“I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014. Even though I was officially a Certified Health Coach, I still felt like I needed more guidance and organization before I could feel comfortable taking on real clients.

Kathleen’s 6-month program has given me the materials to feel 100% confident to get out there and start helping people get healthy! Thank you Kathleen!”

Amy Blackburn, CHC

Kathleen’s new program titled “Coach with Confidence” is perfectly titled because I know I will be coaching with more confidence using these thoughtfully developed, well-written materials in my practice. She’s thought of everything a client would need to know to adopt a healthy lifestyle and she does it beautifully!

These materials could be easily be used for 1-on-1 coaching but could also be used for a live group coaching program or online coaching. Even though there are 12 modules, you could easily mix and match to make the number of weeks in the program shorter by choosing the modules that best fit your client focus, although it will not be an easy task choosing because ALL are relevant.

I look forward to using these materials with my clients and I’m thankful to Kathleen for creating these for coaches on the go like me.  Well done, Kathleen! This is truly awesome!”

Michelle Vina-Baltas, CHHC, AADP, BA

After graduating from IIN as a Certified Health Coach I looked at and purchased several programs and to be honest, I was not completely satisfied with any of them. I really didn’t know where to start and how to lay things out exactly. Then came Kathleen LeGrys with her fabulous Health Coach Solutions, 6-month program. I was amazed at how much information was included in the program and the format was simple and easy for clients to understand. Kathleen has gone above and beyond to design a KICK BUTT program AND give Health Coaches a fast track to getting started.

Kathy Stephens, CHC

“I love Coach with Confidence and bought it halfway through my IIN training and still use it today.

It saves me so much time when a client asks for help with a topic, instead of me spending hours putting something together for them (which would only be half as amazing as Kathleen’s) I have it already prepared for them. A few tweaks to personalize, click… send.

It has freed up so much time so I can get to coaching, not spending hours with content.”

Joan Morrison

Start Coaching with Confidence with No Risk 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you invest in Coach with Confidence today, I personally guarantee your investment for a full 30-days. That means you can take a good look around, get a feel for the program and even put it to use in your own business—in fact I think that you SHOULD immediately put it to use. At any time in the next 30 days, if you decided it isn’t worth more than what you paid, I’ll give you a full refund.

“This Sounds Great, But What Does it Cost?

As you can see, there’s a lot of incredible value jam-packed into this program.

If each Coach with Confidence session was sold on its own, I would have to charge $100 each (for a total cost of $1,200).

Plus, you get ALL these bonuses…


Bonus #1: Customizable and Brandable Coaching Handouts Bundle ($180 value)


Bonus #2: Interactive Client Homework Bundle ($225 value)


Bonus #3: Customizable Sample Sales Page ($97 value)


Bonus #4: Online Coaching Bundle ($2,400 value)


Bonus #5   Customizable emails and social media posts to promote and fill your program ($400 value)


Bonus #6 Step-by-step video tutorials for setting up your program ($297 Value)


Bonus #7 My guidance and support in an EXCLUSIVE customer-support Facebook group

That brings the TOTAL value of this package to $4,102

…and that doesn’t even include the (priceless) customer support you get in the private Facebook group!

But don’t worry, you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

I want you to be able to make ALL your money back with just one health coaching client.

That’s why you won’t pay $4,000.

You won’t pay $2,000.

You won’t even pay $1,000.

You can get the entire Coach with Confidence program (and ALL the bonuses) for only $597.

And you have no risk because your purchase is covered by my 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Here’s How to Take the Next Step Towards Being a Confident and Successful Health Coach

If you’re ready to start coaching with confidence and give yourself more time with your clients and your family (and yourself!)…

and if you want a turn-key system to take your business to the next level…

Hit the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

You’ll be taken to our secure checkout page to enter your details.

After that you can sit back, relax and you’ll have all of these incredible tools at your fingertips within minutes, plus my support along the way.

All my best,

Kathleen LeGrys

Start Coaching With Confidence Today

ONLY $597 (USD)

(Or 4 separate payments of $167)

Remember: this program is 100% digital and all of the contents will be sent to you via email. No physical products will be sent to you…

P.S. If you’re not to ready purchase just yet, I understand you might have some questions…


Note: This program is intended for certified health coaches or other qualified health, wellness and fitness professionals. This is not an educational course or certification program that teaches you how to be a coach.

Can I brand this as my own?

Absolutely! You can edit everything as you like and add your own personality to the program.  There is NO copyright information on the material (The terms and conditions agreement explains the specifics). My goal is to have this program be about YOUR branding, not mine.

Can I use this program with any niche?

Yes! The content is easily adapted to fit almost any niche. Since the coaching topics are so essential and foundational, the information will benefit most people. There are coaches who use this program to help their clients with diabetes, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, hormonal health, and much more. You can easily add in any information that is specific to your niche and edit any parts that may not apply. Review the 12 topics that are listed above to determine if they are right for your ideal clients.

How much content is in each session?

Each session has between 19-40 slides of content and each session ends with suggested actionable steps or “to-do’s”.  You will receive the program in the following format: Google Slides, Canva and Google Docs. The slide decks are perfect for online group coaching (you can pre-record them) and the Google Docs version is perfect for your 1-on-1 clients.  You can either send the session as a recap or send ahead of time to review before your next session. 

Does this program address a certain dietary style or theory?

This program does not address any one dietary theory but it does address having clients tune in to how foods make them feel, which allows them to gravitate toward what works best for their unique needs and body.

Can I use this content for an online program?

Definitely! With the online coaching content package, you will have the perfect format and content for virtual group coaching.

What if I only do 3-month coaching? 

Great question!  How amazing would it be to never have to scramble for a topic to cover with your clients again?  You would have plenty of extra topics to cover when needed.   Another option is to turn extra sessions into ‘guides’ to provide to people on your mailing list and/or  workshop attendees as a free bonus gift. You could also offer any extra content as a ‘Sign-up bonus’ incentive for new clients.

Is this a weight-loss centered program?

The main focus of the program is getting back to basics with healthy eating and lifestyle suggestions clients can live with forever.  This program is general in nature, but it does have several references to weight loss. The content can be edited, so any parts you don’t want to include can be changed.

Are recipes included?  

Since coaches have different dietary approaches, there are no recipes included. I send my clients recipes that are either from the IIN handouts or other monthly recipe programs I have from other sources.

How soon will I receive my program? 

Is ‘right away’ soon enough? Once your payment is processed, look for an email from me with your new ‘Coach with Confidence’ program within minutes.  You will receive access to your digital files that you can download and start customizing immediately.

Will I receive hard copies?

This program is digital so you can customize it and brand it as your own.  If you are using the content for 1-on-1 coaching, you can print out each session and give to your client (or email the sessions to them so they have a digital copy).  Many coaches use this as an online program, so no hard copies are needed.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely!  I want to make this a no-risk decision.  If you find this program is not a good fit for you, just request a refund within 30 days of purchase – no questions asked.  Of course, you won’t be able to use the program content with a refund, but it’s important to me that anyone that purchases one of my programs is completely satisfied with it.

Start Coaching With Confidence Today

ONLY $597 (USD)

(Or 4 separate payments of $168.75)

Remember: this program is 100% digital and all of the contents will be sent to you via email. No physical products will be sent to you…