Best of: 11 Ways to Book Discovery Calls

One of the most effective ways to get 1-on-1 coaching clients is by doing discovery calls, and the more calls you do, the more clients you’ll have. Even during the pandemic, you have options for 1-on-1 coaching thanks to Zoom or skype. 

We’re bringing back an episode we did a while back about 11 ways to book discovery calls. This is such an important topic, so we wanted to bring it back again.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How to get over your fear of feeling salesy during this call
  • Recommendations for different services to use for your calls
  • 11 specific and proven ways to invite people to your discovery calls
  • And more!

We know you’re going to get a lot of out of this episode, and we’re also sharing the list of 11 Ways to Book Discovery Calls with you, so you don’t even have to take notes!

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