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On this episode, Karen and Kathleen have another Ask Us Anything! The Wellness Business Podcast has received lots of great feedback and questions from listeners, but those questions don’t always require a full podcast episode to answer. So today Karen and Kathleen are back to address some of the most pressing listeners questions AND give you a shout out in the process!

Digging into your specific questions is one of their most favorite things to do so. In this episode they are covering:

  • If I already have my own private Facebook group, does it make more sense to run a free challenge in my current free group, or set up a separate group for it? When I move into running a paid 30 day online program, can I run it from the main group or should I set up a private group for this event and move them to the free group after the event ends?
  • After almost a year break from business, I’m ready to get back out there. I’ve got a couple of lead magnet freebies and various paid programs. I’m confused with the technology and confused where to begin with all of it. Advertise on Facebook, enter everything into the email marketing platform, create sales pages for the programs, or pop-ups for sign ups? What should I concentrate on first and in what order?
  • I’m stuck on what to post on my business page vs my group.
  • I’m trying to reconnect with my existing group and attempt to add some new folks to my mailing list. I do write blog posts on my website and then promote through social media. But I get confused about promoting it through my email list. The few times I send it through email I create a newsletter format in MailChimp, link the blog post and add a recipe or another short article. This ends up taking a lot of time and I get stuck in formatting of the newsletter. Can I just link the blog post in a simple email type format and leave it at that?
  • I’m planning on hosting some workshops and talks in order to sign up discovery sessions and hopefully clients. I would love to know the best way to get an audience for a live workshop.

Resources and Links mentioned on the show:

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