4 Types of Email Sequences to Increase Sales

Did you know there are different types of email sequences you can use to increase sales and boost client enrollment in your programs?

On today’s episode, we’re covering 4 different types of email sequences you can use as part of your marketing strategy for better results.

  1. Pre-launch emails
  2. Waitlist emails
  3. Nurture sequences
  4. Open cart emails

Knowing how to create email sequences or campaigns that actually get results can feel a little tricky the first few times you write them. Most of us don’t start our online businesses with copywriting experience so we’ll be sharing what each sequence’s purpose is and how many emails we recommend for that sequence.

Here are the 4 types of email sequences to increase sales. Be sure to tune into the podcast episode for more details and examples.

1) PRE-LAUNCH EMAILS: add value, build authority

In the timeframe of 1-2 months before your launch campaign, we recommend warming up your followers with program specific content that let them know that something is coming and educates them on the things they need to know to make a purchase decision when the time comes. These emails should nurture your audience and establish your authority by sharing tips, strategies, case studies, busting myths, etc. to help educate and inform. Be sure to leverage any podcasts, blog posts or videos you’ve made to share exclusive insights and/or mindset shifts that showcase you know how to help solve your ideal client’s problem.

These emails should be sent once per week, 4-8 weeks prior to your official launch dates. We call this your Pre-Launch Runway.

If you want to learn more about how to design a pre-launch runway be sure to listen to episode 172 of The Wellness Business Podcast. It’s called: A Simple and Free Strategy to Increase Interest in Your Programs

2) WAITLIST EMAILS: build momentum, warm your audience

One of the best ways to create momentum and excitement for your upcoming program launch is to create a waitlist. We also recommend that you thank your early-bird audience for being the first to sign up by offering them a digital thank you gift (this could be a PDF related to the topic/theme of your paid program). 

This means that you’ll send your waitlist audience a special free download just for registering on your waitlist. This technique has served us very well over the years and gives our waitlist audience the feeling of exclusivity and VIP access to special opportunities that no one else gets. Offering an extra free resource is optional, and something you can add down the road if you are new to all of this and may not have time to incorporate it for your upcoming promotion. 

When the launch gets closer, you can begin to build anticipation by letting your waitlist know exactly when your offer will be live, and what bonuses they will receive if they are the first to sign up.

We’ve also given our waitlist members 24-hour advanced notice of the sale link so they can get in on any time-sensitive offers before the sale goes public.

For this email sequence there isn’t a specific number of emails. Depending on how early someone registers for the waitlist they may get as many as 5-7 emails.

3) LEAD MAGNET FOLLOW-UP EMAIL SEQUENCE EMAILS: value add for your ideal client

Any time someone signs up for one of your free downloads, make sure to follow up with them with additional emails to educate them on what they need to know to make a buying decision from you. Also, let them know what dates they need to mark in their calendars and any next steps they may need to take.

The pre-written follow-up email sequence that I mentioned earlier is for this exact purpose, so you don’t have to figure this one out on your own. To save tons of time be sure to download the 5 done-for-you fill-in-the-blank email templates by going scrolling to the bottom of the show notes on this page.

This email sequence will be different for everyone but on average should be 5-7 emails in length.

4) OPEN CART EMAILS: sell, sell, sell!

During the open cart phase or launch phase, it’s important to educate your audience as much as possible about your offer/program through testimonials, data from previous client wins, tackling objections, and any live Q&As you’ll be hosting.

This sequence of emails should create urgency and you’ll also want to send 2-3 on the last day of open cart. Make sure to communicate that the doors are closing, and to address any hesitations or objections your audience may have, encouraging them to reach out to you with their doubts. On the last day we always include a “if you’re on the fence” email to give our subscribers a chance to ask questions.

The number of open cart emails depends on how long your launch campaign is. For a 5-day open cart period we would recommend 7 emails in total. One on days 1-4 and three emails on day 5.

So, there you have it – 4 different email sequences you can use to increase sales.  Start where you can and build from there over time.

Be sure to download the 5 free fill-in-the-blank email templates below.

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