How to Decide if an Evergreen Workshop is Right for You

A highly effective strategy for enrolling clients in your coaching programs is to offer online workshops (webinars). Once you have a workshop in place that works well, you may decide to offer it as an evergreen (pre-recorded) option, so people can sign up for it and watch it any time. 

Choosing to provide an evergreen workshop sounds like an amazing ‘set it & forget it’ marketing strategy but there are a few things you need to consider before making this decision.

First, you need to know what your goals are for this strategy. It’s always good to be intentional with your decisions when it comes to marketing your coaching business.

Is your goal based on marketing convenience, (as it you’re loving the ‘set it and forget it’ model), list building, or for revenue generation (or both)?

Once you know your goal, it’ll be easier to decide which style of evergreen options you should embrace. There are two types – Using a professional software like EasyWebinar or a DIY model using an online storage option like Dropbox. EasyWebinar is not the only option. There are many to choose from but for the sake of example, we’ll be referring to EasyWebinar.

When you choose a software like EasyWebinar, there are many moving parts but it does have its benefits. This software is designed to make it appear as if the workshop is live, (even though it’s pre-recorded), which means that you’ll ultimately end up with more clients joining your coaching program. The live appearance using this software will lead to higher conversions. That said, this software is a lot of work to set up. Let’s break it down.

  • Appears as if it’s live – your attendees will need to choose a date/time and register for that specific event.
  • Great list builder
  • The software requires you to have multiple email sequences in place. One that goes out before the workshop encouraging them to show up live, reminding them of the amazing benefits of attending the call. It also requires a “we’re live” email as one more reminder and lastly a couple of follow up email sequences based on whether or not they attended live or didn’t show up at all.
  • The software monitors if someone showed up and the length of time they stayed which is super helpful when it comes to analyzing the conversion rate.
  • Software is pricey – $80/month (EasyWebinar)

This is a much more professional option and will definitely convert at a higher rate. Meaning that whatever you offer at the end of your workshop will have more clients enrolling than if you choose to do the DIY option that we’ll discuss next.

Next up, is what we like to call a DIY Evergreen Option. It’s much easier to design and can be set up really quickly compared to the other option we discussed. Let’s go over how this would work.

  • The DIY option would be set up as an on-demand option. Meaning the future attendee would opt-in for the replay link and it would be sent to them immediately in an email. No need to choose a date or time.
  • This option is also a great list builder
  • The emails required would include a delivery email with the recording link and then a follow up email sales sequence that would promote your program for 5-7 days.
  • No software expense – only online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive

This option is a tradeoff. It’s easier to set up but won’t convert nearly as well as the other option that appears live. But this is a great place to start if you’re just getting started since it has a low barrier to entry and can be set up more quickly.

Here’s what you need to know before choosing either one of these options.

Before going evergreen you should deliver the workshop a few times live to get a high-quality recording that has been proven to convert attendees into paying clients. This is a really important piece of the puzzle. We know that many coaches want to go straight to the recording option so they don’t have to feel out of their comfort zone by doing a live workshop but showing up live will improve your presentation skills and ultimately give you a better recording for your evergreen model.

There you have it. Two different options to set up an evergreen workshop in your health coaching business.

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