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When it comes to making an IMPACT and building a strong health coaching business, you will be hard pressed to find a method that is as effective and delivers as RAPID of RESULTS as presenting  ‘Knock-Your-Socks-Off’ WORKSHOPS or WEBINARS.


While there are many great forms of marketing, they often; (A) have a steep learning curve or require a lot of trial and error, and/or (B) are slow to take effect.  You want clients sooner than later, right?


Having a great website, running Facebook ads, and the like, can certainly help, but nothing beats getting OUT THERE in FRONT OF and INTERACTING WITH your market. When you deliver a ton of value to your audience and interact with them in a powerful way, you’ll be turning PROSPECTS into CLIENTS.


Webinars are an all-in-one magic bullet for your business. They provide quality traffic and incredibly high conversion rates. Webinars will help you grow your list faster than just about anything!” – David Siteman Garland 


By solving one of your prospects’ most challenging issues in reaching their health goals, you will be able to demonstrate the value of your services and let people see how YOU can help them.



“From Sofa to Sensational: Simple Steps to Achieving the Body You Want”


 Exercise Workshop for health coaches



We all know that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle yet this is often where people struggle the most.

Let’s face it though, exercise is not always a high priority, even though everyone knows they should be doing it.

What if YOU could help get them get back on track?


This informative and motivational workshop is a great way to introduce your services as a health coach, expand your reach and enroll clients in your coaching program. Use it as a webinar to REACH MORE PEOPLE.

You’ll get to establish yourself as the expert so participants want to have YOU as their coach.

During your presentation you’ll cover the top THREE roadblocks that most people face when it comes to making exercise a priority. Then you’ll help your participants identify THEIR top roadblocks and formulate a SIMPLE, step-by-step plan that they can put into place right away.


Topics covered include:

  • How to easily OVERCOME the three most common roadblocks to fitness TODAY.

  • Identifying what’s REALLY holding you back from achieving your fitness goals.

  • How to implement a simple exercise plan to avoid overwhelm, and help you feel more fit and energized.

  • Planning ahead and designing your week to succeed.

  • A common missing link to success – support and accountabilty.

  • And much more!


Participants will learn practical, effective strategies and simple solutions that will help them get out of overwhelm and get back on track to feeling SENSATIONAL! 

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With this ‘Must-Have’ program you’ll get:

  • A powerful and engaging, customizable Powerpoint presentation that you can brand as your own

  • 30 slides of practical tips and actionable steps that will immediately benefit your participants

  • Detailed presenter notes so you know what to say each step of the way

  • A sign-in sheet to collect names and email addresses (if used it as a live workshop)

  • Suggested scripting and ideas for your compelling call to action to gain new clients


PLUS, you’ll also get:

  • A done-for-you sales page to promote your event

  • A BONUS to offer participants that either register early or listen to the webinar live; a customizable guide called, “Busting the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau”


You’ll also have access to my exclusive, private Facebook group for ongoing support.


PLUS – You’ll also get my ‘Must-Have’ guide:  “5 Business-Boosting Workshop Strategies” to help you MAXIMIZE exposure so you can launch a SUPER SUCCESSFUL event that is well-attended!


For a limited time, I’m also adding this EXTRA BONUS:

A beautiful, 7-page handout for participants that includes:

  • Weekly Exercise Planner

  • Exercise Commitment Sheet

  • Exercise Benefits Checklist for participants to identify THEIR “Why”


Your participants will leave your presentation feeling EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED, and they’ll realize that exercise doesn’t have to be complicated, confusing or overwhelming! 


This program is valued at over $350!

For limited time, you can get it for

ONLY $87!

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 100% money-back guarantee.

You have 30 days to review the material and if it doesn’t fit your needs, let me know and I will refund your money. Simple as that!



Remember, by delivering a DYNAMIC and EMPOWERING workshop or webinar that INSPIRES and MOTIVATES, you immediately position yourself as an expert and the person that your attendees are most likely to turn to for support as a coach.


What coaches are saying:

Your exercise workshop, ‘From Sofa to Sensational’, is a work of art! You always put together your programs so well, and give me confidence to get in touch with my group of people when using your materials.

This just hit the spot for me as one of my clients has just asked me to help her on this very thing and I will be able to use your program materials to better educate my client and help her on her journey to health and wellness.

Thanks Kathleen. You are the best.”  –  Lynne Wadsworth, CHC


This workshop is fantastic Kathleen!  It has such an easy, friendly format that is clear, attractive and positive and the content is fresh and encouraging.

It has simple, easy-to-follow steps and clear call to action for our clients. Looking forward to using this at an upcoming workshop. Thank you!”

– Sara Wolfson, CHC



Do I need to be a fitness expert to facilitate this workshop?

Not at all! The exercise concepts are general in nature, so you don’t need to be a personal trainer or fitness expert. Participants are encouraged to strategize a plan that works for them.


Is this meant to be a workshop or a webinar?

This done-for-you program can be used either way; it’s totally up to you. You have complete flexibility to use it for the format that bests fits your needs. The bonus guide that’s included will provide you with useful, practical tips to help you have the best event possible (tips for both workshops and webinars). All content will be sent to you in digital form.

Note: this workshop can also be used as a downloadable eGuide.


Will I know what to say during the presentation?

Absolutely! You will have the presenter notes, which are included in the Powerpoint presentation, so you’ll know what to say throughout the workshop or webinar. You can customize the script to reflect your style and personality, but all the content you need is included.


If you’d like to host your own webinar or workshop to help expand your reach and gain new clients, this will save you a TON of TIME and ENERGY!


It’s time to get out there and make your mark! Now you’ll be ready!


More feedback from health coaches: 


 She’s done it again.  I am so excited with Kathleen’s exercise workshop!

The information and support for people attending the workshop – or watching a webinar using this presentation – will help anyone get off the sofa and be sensational.

You’ll be blown away with the layout and thrilled with how this will fit into your health coach marketing and coaching toolbox.”

– Kat Maeda, CHC


I was so excited to get the workshop “From Sofa to Sensational,” that I could hardly wait to open it.

I have needed a workshop that is user friendly, ready to present, beautiful, crisp, clear, professional and well outlined, for some time.

This is the perfect tool I needed to grow my business with. Having this presentation will help me get more clients.

I love the handouts, script with verbiage, ease of customization and attention grabbing photos. I am so grateful for the time and effort that must have gone into creating such an incredible workshop!

Keep making other coaches lives easier and more stress free with your work. I CAN’T wait for more workshops! Yours are the best out there; I’ve looked. Keep them coming!

– Shauna Cheney, CHC

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