Using Giveaways on Facebook to Grow Your Email List

If you’ve heard about using giveaways on Facebook to grow your email list, but you aren’t sure how to go about it, you’re in for a treat because we’re covering this on the podcast today.

Running a giveaway on social media can be a great way to gain email subscribers, but you want to make sure you’re getting the attention of your ideal clients, not just any random people.  You don’t want to grow your email list, just for vanity metrics; you want a list full of POTENTIAL CLIENTS. Am I right?    

In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, Karen and I talk with Health Coach Sarah Niemann, who recently ran a giveaway on Facebook, and gained 50 email subscribers in just 7 days (without spending a dime on ads).

Sarah reveals what gave her the inspiration to run the giveaway, the steps she took to make it happen, and the results that it produced. Get ready to be inspired to do your own giveaway!

In this episode we dive into …

  • How to run a giveaway to grow your email list
  • Using Facebook live to bring more attention to your giveaways
  • Dialing in on your ideal client to produce quality leads
  • Deciding what products to give away to attract your ideal clients

Here’s what I love about what Sarah did (there are many things I love about it, but here’s one for now): She didn’t overthink it. She dove in and did it, knowing it would be an experiment. She approached it with a curious mind, not knowing what the outcome would be. Let’s just say she was pleasantly surprised, and we’re thankful she could come on the podcast to share exactly how she did it.

Sarah now knows what she’ll do differently next time to boost results, but her first attempt was a huge success!

I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say.

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