How to Use Your Facebook Group to Grow an Email List Full of Warm Leads

If you have a free Facebook group for your coaching business, it can be a great way to build community AND grow an email list full of warm leads. 

The people who are most likely to sign up for your coaching programs are those who know you, trust you and feel connected to you, and this is called a warm audience. You hear us say this a lot, but it’s important to use social media to grow your email list, and this can be done very easily when you have a Facebook group.

Here are the 5 strategies we are covering in depth on this episode:

  1. Include a link to your freebie in the welcome post at the top of your group, so it’s the first thing people see when they join. This helps newcomers start getting to know your personality right away when they watch it.
  2. Post a link to your free offer in the description of your group. The group description shows up before and after people join, so people can sign up for your lead magnet even before you approve them. 
  3. Post about your new freebies as you create them. (and reshare them every 3-4 months since you’ll always have new people joining).
  4. A weekly welcome post where you tag new members welcome them and let them know how to get your free resources.  This serves as a reminder if they missed it in the pinned welcome post.
  5. Use one of the 3 screening question for new members as a way to grow your email list.  You can do this in the settings tab of your group under “membership questions”.  You can ask up to 3 questions, and one of them can ask if they want to receive your freebie.

Tune in to learn more about how to apply each of these in your group to grow an email list full of warm leads and prospects.

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