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Hey there Health Coach,

Do you have a Facebook group that seems to have fizzled and no matter what you try, you can't seem to get people to engage (or enroll in your programs)?  Are not enough people joining your group?

These are all-too-common scenarios for many wellness entrepreneurs, but the good news is that there are simple ways to completely turn things around and transform your group! 

You see…

I've been running successful Facebook groups for over 7 years, and I have helped other coaches completely transform their groups. I’m now sharing my top insider secrets and top strategies to help you with YOUR group!  

In this comprehensive video training called: "How to Build a Thriving Facebook Group that Turns Members Into Paying Clients", you’ll discover how to get your community members to engage, how to FILL your group with ideal clients, and most important of all, you'll learn...

How to lead people to your paid programs with ease – without feeling salesy.
Kathleen LeGrys
Founder, Health Coach Solutions
Facebook Group Expert
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Thanks to Kathleen, my Facebook group engagement has increased by 146% in just three weeks!

For quite some time I’ve been struggling with getting consistent engagement in my Facebook group. I just didn’t know how to create engaging posts. The whole thing had me really frustrated because I knew I could do a better job at serving my members if I could figure out the best way to frame my posts.

That all changed when I asked Kathleen to audit my Facebook group. What an eye-opening experience! She pointed out ways I could change my regular weekly posts in a way that increased the number of people engaging with them. 

She also shared several ideas for future posts that would get my members excited to share information and comment on each other’s posts. 

The great news is, it worked. In just three weeks my group engagement has increased by 146% and keeps increasing every single week. 

I’m so grateful for Kathleen’s help. She truly is a Facebook Group Expert. 

Karen Pattock

Here’s just some of what’s covered in this comprehensive video training: 

•    What to post in your group and how often, to get maximum engagement
•    The importance of picking the right name for your group to attract your ideal clients
•    How to use your group to offer your programs (without being salesy) - increasing your overall sales each time you promote
•    How to get people to engage in your group to create that sense of community your members are searching for
•    How to FILL your group full of ideal clients, turning you into the go-to expert they've been seeking
•    Top mistakes that kill interaction and what you can do instead to avoid making the same ones
•    Time-saving tips and more!

Plus this BONUS (valued at $50)

An easy-to-follow, customizable welcome video script, so you know exactly what to say to make each new member feel at home in your group, and have your new members get to know you as soon as they join ($50 value)

This training is perfect for you if you want to breathe new life into an EXISTING Facebook group or if you want to kick off a BRAND NEW GROUP the right way!


ONLY $97
(for a limited time)