5 Free Ways to Fill Your Online Challenge with Your Ideal Clients

Running free online challenges as a health coach can be a great way to get new clients because it allows you to gather a group of people who are interested in your area of expertise, grow your email list and then invite participants to your paid program at the end of the challenge.

If you are going to run a challenge, you are probably wondering how you are going to fill it with your ideal clients. The more people who join your challenge, the more people you’ll have enrolling in your paid program when you invite them to work with you at the end.

On this episode, we’re sharing 5 ways to promote your online challenge, and you can use these even if you don’t have a budget for Facebook ads.

You’ll discover:

  • What strategy will 10x – 50x your reach right now
  • Where to do your livestreams to reach the most people
  • Which strategy to use to warm up your Instagram followers
  • How to reach beyond your own audience to get in front of new people

As you spread the word about your challenge, it’s important to focus on who it’s for and how it will help them, because that is what people are asking themselves – is this for me and what will I get out of it?  This will also help you get more of your ideal clients joining.

In the following 5 strategies, focus on the problem you know your ideal clients have and how your challenge will help them with one specific issue.  You can share little tidbits of what you’ll cover in the challenge, and to learn more, they’ll want to join you. You can also showcase common mistakes people make that relate to your challenge topic and they will learn more about the right way.

  1. Livestreams – Go live on your Facebook business page because if your personal profile is set to private, your livestream will only show up to your friends. The livestreams on your business page will warm people up to you even before your challenge starts, so they feel like they know you which is an important part of the customer journey.   
  2. Reels – Reels are great because as of right now, they get the highest reach on IG. You can get in front of a much bigger audience when you use trending music and hashtags that will attract your ideal clients.
  3. Instagram stories – With stories, you will only reach your current followers, but it’s still a good strategy to use since the people who already follow you are already aware of who you are, and your warm audience is more likely to take the next step with you.
  4. Email subscribers – Even though one the goals for your challenge are to grow your email list, you want to invite your current subscribers if you have them because going through your challenge will help deepen the relationship they have with you.  I would send 5-7 emails to your current subscribers about it over the 2-week period.
  5. Ask participants to share – Encourage the people who join to share it with their friends.  You can expand your reach by letting people know they can share the link to join your challenge. Include the link on the thank you page after they join as well as in the welcome email they receive. You can also remind people to share it with their friends by posting about it in your challenge Facebook group if that is where you plan to run it.    

If you’ve wondered how you can fill your online challenge, tune in to learn 5 free ways to promote your challenge where we share more details and examples.

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