Show Notes

On today’s episode, Kathleen puts Karen in the hot seat to discuss techniques and tips on how to find good referral partners to help grow your wellness business. Karen breaks it down step by step how she managed to get a 50-60% success rate in getting face to face meetings with potential referrals!

Having respected health and wellness professionals singing your praises and referring your business to their clients is a proven way to grow and expand your own customer list.

  • Referral partners offer so many different benefits to your company.
  • Respected professionals in your area that speak highly of you and recommend you to their clients and colleagues is the best form of word of mouth marketing you can find.
  • Your business grows at a much faster pace when many people are marketing your services.
  • You’ll be able to use your referral partners as a testimonial for your business.
  • You will fill your open client spaces much quicker and with less effort if you have these other professionals recommending you.
  • In some cases, referral partners might even provide office space for your use in conducting individual client sessions, group sessions or teaching a class. 

Referral partners are a relationship; they can take some time to grow and it’s a relationship that you have to nurture.

Listen in as Karen gives you the exact step-by-step process she used to get multiple referral partners in her health coaching business. You’ll also learn what mistakes to avoid, and how to put a follow-up system in place that works! 

Download Karen’s Referral Partner Letter Template and start making referral contacts for your wellness business!

Action Item: Head to your local grocery store and pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Magazine or another local natural health publication and start looking for those leads that can turn into great referral partners for your business. Use Karen’s template and physically mail it to 2-3 leads per week. Always place the follow up call on the day you put in your initial letter. A handwritten envelope with an actual stamp will get more attention from the business.

Give this some time and attention, and start turning these leads into referrals!

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