Where to Focus Your Time to Grow Your Health Coaching Business

If you’re not sure where to focus your time to grow your health coaching business, you’re not alone. Sometimes overwhelm keeps us stuck in our tracks to the point that we take no action at all because we’re either afraid to make a mistake or we just don’t know where to begin.   

A while back, one of our Wellness Business Insider’s Club members, Karen R., asked a great question about how to prioritize her business so that she’s spending time on the right things that will push her forward business.  Karen was one of our hot seat coaching participants, and we thought it was so valuable that we wanted to share it with you.

In this episode, Karen R. got clarity on:

  • The most important things to focus her time on to grow her business
  • How she can double the number of workshop attendees who enroll in her programs
  • The importance of her workshop titles to attract her ideal clients
  • What she can outsource to free up some of her time for more clients

There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed by everything to do to grow your wellness business, so if you’re wanting to learn how to prioritize your tasks and where to focus your time, this episode will really resonate with you!

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  • Last, and certainly not least, we’ll share what red-hot areas will require a lot of your attention each month and also which tasks can either be outsourced, streamlined, or removed from your business altogether as a way of creating the business of your dreams

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