What to Use for Your Free vs. Paid Content

You probably understand the importance of creating relevant content to attract and nurture your audience, but you may be wondering which content should be free and what should be saved for your paid programs. A good content strategy is key to helping you stand out, get noticed and draw the right people to learn more about you.

This is a common question, so we wanted to cover this on the podcast.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The purpose of your free content and how it plays an important role in your marketing and client attraction strategy
  • 8 popular types of free content you can use to attract your ideal clients
  • What to avoid doing with your free content
  • Examples of free content you can start sharing today

The goal with your free content is to draw people in to learn something short and sweet and leave them wanting more, then direct them to the next step such as sign up for your freebie, join your Facebook group, read a blog post, watch a video or something else.

Your free content should ultimately lead people to your paid programs, and it’s all part of the customer journey.

Tune in to learn what you can use for your free content that will attract your ideal clients.

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