Stop Starting From Scratch: 3 Steps to Gain Momentum In Your Wellness Business

When you try a new strategy to market your health coaching business, things don’t always go smoothly or as planned. We’ve experienced this at times ourselves, and truth be told, it’s all part of being a business owner or solopreneur.  What often happens in cases like this is people think they have to scrap everything they’ve done so far and start from scratch, but that is usually not the case at all. Oftentimes, you just need to change one or two things to see better results.

In this episode of the Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover…

  • 3 steps to gain momentum in your wellness business that make implementation easier and gets you better results.
  • The mindset shift you need to make that will save you hours and hours of time and energy.
  • How to avoid shiny object syndrome for good so you never let it sabotage your results ever again.

We are big proponents of setting goals in your business but when you try something for the first time, goals can be a shot in the dark and turn out to be unrealistic, however, it doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel on that particular strategy. Instead, you can use the information we’re sharing with you today in this podcast to evaluate and rework your approach. In other words, avoid starting from scratch by using what went well and change what didn’t work.

Okay, let’s dive into the 3 steps to gain momentum in your wellness business.

1) Shiny Object Syndrome is real and must be avoided at all costs.

Shiny object syndrome is the tendency to be attracted to new and exciting ideas or opportunities, leading to a lack of focus and productivity. Coaches are creative individuals and often find the thrill of starting something new more fun than sticking with a plan and seeing it through to completion.

If that’s you, there may be a specific reason you’re attracted to this scenario.

As we said before, it may feel more fun and exciting to keep starting new projects, rather than see the old one through to the finish line. This may be because you’re afraid of failure or of not getting the results that you’re hoping for so if you avoid completing the project you never have to face the potential disappointing results. What many coaches forget to consider is the flip side of the coin, that completing the project may yield amazing results and you feel proud of yourself for following through.

That brings us to the second way to gain momentum in your wellness business.

Stop Starting From Scratch: 3 Steps to Gain Momentum In Your Wellness Business
2) Set realistic goals and collect data along the way for later analysis

We see it all of the time. Coaches set unattainable goals, particularly in the early stages of their business, and when they can’t meet those goals they feel like a failure. One of the 4 Core Pillars we teach in the Wellness Business Accelerator program is dedicated to goal setting. We believe in setting goals that are slightly outside your comfort zone but that are also reachable.

When you set a goal for a new project, the first time is always a bit of a moving target and that’s okay. You have to start somewhere. The key to setting better and more realistic goals in the future comes from collecting data along the way so you can analyze it later.

Let’s say you want to launch your coaching program using a challenge to gain interest and to make an offer to work with you. It’s the first time you’ve ever run a challenge so it doesn’t feel natural to you. Instead of focusing on the bumpy road, document what goes well and what doesn’t. Maybe some of your emails have high open rates, but others don’t? That simply means you have some email editing to do the 2nd time you run the challenge. Maybe you have less people register for the challenge than you originally thought. That doesn’t mean that the challenge method isn’t viable. It could be that the challenge title wasn’t clear enough to attract your dream clients, or your delivery method wasn’t ideal for your dream clients. In other words, don’t scrap the challenge method until you’ve given it a fair shot.

Which brings us to the 3rd way to gain momentum in your coaching business.

3) When trying something new, commit to launching it, or running it, at least 3 times before scrapping it for something else.

One time is never enough with any strategy to know if it’s effective and viable. One of the greatest opportunities you have to gain momentum in your business is to do the same thing, (with minor tweaks and upgrades), at least 3 times before giving up.

Let’s go back to the challenge method we discussed in #2. Let’s say that your challenge registration goal was 200 people and you ended up with 217 registrants. That’s amazing, right? Your marketing worked well and you’re probably doing a happy dance. However, your goal for new clients was 25 and you only ended up with 14. That could feel very disappointing. In this scenario the problem isn’t your method of using a challenge to attract and convert new clients. It’s more than likely a messaging problem on your sales page OR you gave away too much information in the challenge and your registrants felt like they didn’t need your program after all.

Rather than scrapping all of the work you put into the challenge, use the data that you’ve collected to determine what adjustments need to be made to increase sales the next time and then run it again.

Remember that increasing momentum in your wellness business is a skill that requires practice and discipline. Getting to the finish line of any project can feel tough at times. By staying focused on your goals and being mindful of your distractions, you can improve your productivity and achieve your desired outcomes over time by improving your process based on past results.

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