Show Notes

In this episode, Karen and Kathleen interview Lisa Simone Richards about how to leverage free media coverage for your business with Lisa Simone Richards. Lisa is a visibility strategist for health, fitness,  and wellness entrepreneurs and has helped many of her clients skyrocket to new heights. 

Lisa’s “ABCs” of Publicity

  1. Awareness – People can’t work with you if they don’t know who you are!
  2. Buzz – Stand out from the crowd! (Become an industry celebrity or “go-to” right away.)
  3. Credibility – Show your potential clients that you are really good at what you do!

How to Start Developing Free Publicity

  1. Have a healthy media mix. We all choose different ways to get our news/information, ask your best three clients how they get their information. From there make sure you are on all of those media platforms or start researching who could be a good contact to get you there.
  2. Once you have found those contacts, (Twitter, Google, LinkedIn) be really focused on developing those relationships.
  3. Think about doing contributed content for already established blogs, websites.
  4. Try and get featured on a podcast or a radio station. 
  5. Start doing Facebook Live and YouTube content to practice your video skills.
  6. Television and Video!

How To Pitch for Publicity

  1. Come up with a compelling story idea to pitch, make your business be part of a larger story/conversation.
  2. Find the right contacts for the type of media outlet you’re reaching out to.
  3. Understand different “Lead Times”. (The time it takes from being an idea to actually being published.)

Media begets media. Once you get a piece of media coverage, share it everywhere. Because that will open up the doors for more publicity opportunities in the future.

Action Item: Pick ONE outlet you really want to be featured in. Create a private Twitter list with contacts from that outlet. Check it once a day and start building those relationships.

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