BEST OF: How to Avoid (or bounce back from) Burn Out

If you want to avoid or even bound back from burnout, the timing is perfect because we are bringing back a popular episode on the topic. The struggle is real when you’re dealing with everything else going on in your life PLUS building a business.

We have both hit burnout before, so we have learned the hard way what NOT to do so we can avoid having it happen again.

We’re sharing helpful strategies that work for us, and we hope they help you too, including:

  • How to schedule time off
  • Ideas for what to outsource and take off of your plate
  • How to set boundaries
  • Some of the signs of burnout
  • Falling into the comparison trap
  • And more

Tune in to discover how to build your business while still taking care of yourself, so you don’t burn out like we did.

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