How Corinne Generated Over $2,500 with a Free Challenge

I’m excited about this episode today because we’re sharing an inside look into how Corrine generated over $2,500 with a free challenge.  Corrine is a health coach that decided to test some things out and see what happened, and she’s giving us the play by play on exactly how she did it.

It’s great to hear proven ideas and strategies for building your business, but what really drives it home is hearing from coaches that are implementing the strategies and seeing results. I think it’s also important to hear about ‘real world’ examples of what’s working, so you can see what’s possible, and get ideas of what might work for you.   

In this episode we talk about…

  • How Corrine ran her challenge and the results she had
  • Dialing in on exactly who your ideal client is and why it’s important
  • Making sure it’s easy for your audience to identify you
  • Having consistent messaging across all online platforms

As always, we want to make this episode as actionable as possible so we are giving you Karen’s free 5-day video series: 5 Steps To Create a Free Offer That Grows Your Email List With Your Perfect Ideal Client Subscribers

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