3 Critical Elements Most Coaches Are Missing in Their Marketing

​If you’re a health coach who’s struggling to fill your calendar with clients, you’re not alone. Many coaches find themselves in this exact situation, despite their best efforts.

With nearly a decade of experience coaching coaches just like you, we’ve identified the top three reasons why you might be facing this challenge. It’s likely a matter of fine-tuning some of the things you’ve already put in place, (and not a complete overhaul).

Join us as we dive deep into each of these critical elements and provide actionable insights that can transform your coaching business.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The top 3 critical elements most coaches are missing in their marketing that is causing them to lose out on new clients and additional revenue to their business
  • The added layer you need to consider when defining your niche that makes all the difference between attracting your dream clients, or not
  • The role consistency plays in expanding your network, attracting the right clients, and future opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to you
  • The secret sauce that must be included when defining who your offer is for, how it helps them, and the transformation that it offers

If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level and achieve the success you deserve, let’s get started!

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Let’s dive in to 3 Critical Elements Most Coaches Are Missing in Their Marketing.

The first critical element you may be missing is: Your niche and solution aren’t specific enough

As tempting as it is to keep your health practice general so you have more flexibility, the fact is that we just don’t live in a time when that’s the best choice when you’re trying to grow a wellness business. We live in a world that wants specific solutions to unique problems. We all want a specialist to help us. Whether you’re a business owner that specializes in pouring floor leveling concrete, (yes that’s a thing and a very specialized area of the concrete world), or you’re a health coach that specializes in helping your clients embrace an intermittent fasting lifestyle for hormone balancing and fat loss, it’s critical to declare a specialty.

We call that your niche and it’s one of the places we spend the most time with our Wellness Business Accelerator students. We teach a concept that goes beyond just choosing a niche though. We dig even deeper by teaching our students how to choose a marketable ideal client. That’s a person that knows they have a problem, is actively looking for a solution, and has money to invest. Once you get that dialed in, getting clients is so much easier.

Take for example, our student Sherly. She had this to say about working with us in the WBA program.

“I’m an alumni of the Wellness Business Accelerator! I can definitely say this is a library of knowledge for every coach to have. I changed my niche and went back over the modules. It’s frankly one of the best investments I have made. During completing the program, I signed up 5 clients in my beta diabetes program. Thanks K&K.”

We can help you get similar results using our lesson called: How to Finally Nail Your Niche Within 30 Days to Fill Your Program.

What we find with coaches going through the WBA is that many of them think they already have their niche nailed down when they come into the program. However, they still aren’t getting clients. Once they go through the nail your niche lesson they realize that they were still being too broad, we’re often attracting potential clients that don’t have money to invest, and weren’t as clear in their niche statement as they thought they were thereby missing out on client enrollment. There was still the element of generality that was keeping them stuck.

If you’re not getting clients on a regular basis and keeping your coaching calendar full then chances are you have more work to do on dialing in on your niche so you determine your marketable ideal client.

The second critical element you may be missing is: A crystal clear offer. Your offer must solve a problem your audience knows they have (not a problem you may think they want solved).

Once you’ve dialed in on your marketable ideal client, the next step is to make sure that your offer is crystal clear. Many of our WBA students come to us with a program that they offer, however, when we question them about who it helps, how it helps, and the transformation that it offers, they aren’t quite confident in their responses. That’s a problem when it comes to getting clients.

That’s because it takes time to define your program messaging so it is not only clear to you, the coach, but more importantly, crystal clear to your potential client. If they can’t relate to your program description and benefit bullet points they more than likely will not make the investment to work with you because they don’t understand what the offer is.

That’s why we make this a main focus inside the Wellness Business Accelerator program. One of our main lessons is called: Crafting An Offer That Immediately Increases Your Confidence & Sales

We know the importance of getting your program messaging just right and we work really hard to support our WBA members in getting it perfect.

For instance, when we worked with Gianna she sold her first VIP program for 6 months for $5,000!

Here’s what she had to say…

“I have more confidence in my offers and pricing and I’m getting organized and my systems set up. I can finally say I FEEL my business now. This program and your support have helped me flush out SO much of the unnecessary nonsense.”

I’m sure we can agree that selling a VIP program for $5,000 is a pretty exciting! Gianna was no different than you when she enrolled in the WBA. She had many of the pieces of her business figured out but they weren’t dialed in so that she and her clients were crystal clear on what she was offering. That’s where our implementation guides, trainings, and templates came into play. If you’ve struggled to get clients, chances are this is an area where you could use our support.

Now, let’s transition into the third and final element coaches are missing in their marketing.

The third critical element you may be missing is: The Role of Consistency

You may be rolling your eyes to this one, thinking…

“Hey K&K, I’m doing the very best that I can. Don’t you know that I have kids, a job, and other responsibilities? Showing up consistently isn’t as easy as you make it sound”

Believe me we get it. I know what it’s like to have that feeling of being pulled in multiple directions. I have 3 other businesses that I run with my husband, besides my own coaching business. The list of to-do’s is long. But guess what, I get to define what consistency looks like for me and so do you.

Before we tell you what’s possible when you get consistent, let’s talk about why it matters. When you’re showing up on a consistent basis through email, social media posts, livestreams, etc., your followers will begin to expect to hear from you on that schedule. They’ll learn your patterns and know when to look for you and when not to. Consistency doesn’t mean that you have to be showing up every minute of every day. It’s consistency based on your schedule. That could look like one email every other week and posting on social media just 3 times per week or it could be two emails each week and social posting every single day. The choice is yours.

As I said, consistency doesn’t mean every day but it does mean regular patterns and schedules. For instance, our podcast listening audience knows that every Tuesday there will be a new podcast from us. This is episode 330 and we’ve never missed an episode. That means that we’ve been consistent for 330 weeks in a row. But, in the beginning we could have chosen a bi-weekly release schedule and by now, after 6 years, our audience would know to look for us every other Tuesday. The key is that you get to choose the schedule that works for you and when you stay consistent in that way, great things can happen.

Meet one of our Wellness Business Accelerator students, Mark. He’s super consistent in his wellness business and he recently shared with us what he accomplished in one year.

“I hosted 25 workshops, worked with 1:1 clients from six different states, was a guest on 12 podcasts, and received more than 20 referrals.

Thanks to working with the two of you I have lots of achievements from this year that I’m proud of! I hosted 25 workshops, worked with 1:1 clients from six different states, was a guest on 12 podcasts, and received more than 20 references. While I am proud of these achievements, the most impactful one for my business came after a series of weekly workshops I hosted. One of the participants invited me to create a 13-week wellness resource video series resulting in a 5-figure contract. Thank you both for what you do!

The best thing about consistency, as we’ve seen from Mark’s story, is that amazing opportunities can come just by showing up consistently. Opportunities that you otherwise would not have had. That could come in the form of new clients, podcast interviews, summit invitations, and the list goes on.

We have a couple of lessons in the Wellness Business Accelerator program that will help you become more consistent on a schedule that works for you in a way that actually attracts your dream clients. We’ll be opening enrollment for the WBA on October 17th, and you can still get on our VIP wait list to be among the first to know as soon as the doors open.

Your goal is to choose a consistent marketing schedule that works for you and stick with it.

If you’re missing any of these 3 marketing elements, you’ll want to be sure to join us for our exclusive free living training to discover a Streamlined Roadmap that Attracts Dream Clients, Grows a Niche-Specific Email List and Generates Consistent Monthly Revenue on Autopilot.

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