Testimonials are important for any business, but they are particularly important for what we do as health coaches – people can be skeptical – understandably so!

Testimonials provide a 3rd party endorsement that allows potential clients to see how great you are to work with and, how you can help them with their challenges.

YOU know how awesome you are, but they may not know – yet!

But…How do you GET testimonials?

Good question!

I have found the easiest way it to just ask for them.  But it’s all in the timing.  Here’s what I mean:

When you have a client that expresses thanks or appreciation for a great session, ask if they would be willing to write a short testimonial that you could use.

When they say ‘yes’ tell them you know how busy they are so if it makes it easier, you can send them a short list of questions to get them started. They don’t have to use it but it may give them an idea of what you’re looking for.

Let’s face it, we know they have good intentions, but life happens, they get busy and forget.  I found this out the hard way!

You want to make it super easy and convenient for them! 

Here are a few questions you can include – you can send this in a word document if you want or just include in the body of the email you send to them. Edit as you see fit.  

1.  What was your biggest challenge when we first started working together and how has it improved?

2.  What are 1 or 2 of the most valuable things you have learned during our time together?

3.  Would you recommend my coaching program? If so, why?

4. What’s the most important thing people should know about working with me?

5. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

So, the next time one of your clients express their appreciation, use this simple method and see how easy it is.

TIP: Be sure to add testimonials to your website (get your client’s permission first, of course and find out if they are okay with you using their full name or if the would prefer just their first name and last initial. Some clients may be fine with sending you a photo as well).

You can even add a page on your site titled “Rave Reviews”  “Raving Fans” “Happy Clients” “What clients are saying” or something else that fits your style.

To start creating raving fans, be sure to grab your FREE eCoaching series “30 Days to New You.”  Use the series to build your email list, and share healthy lifestyle strategies your audience will love.

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