creating your newsletters for health coaches

Are you stressing about trying to get your newsletters done on a regular basis? 

One more thing on your to-do list, right? Hopefully, this post will give you some quick and easy ideas you can start with.

First of all, ‘newsletters’ are now usually just shorter emails and not the monstrous undertaking they used to be (whew!).

Sometimes, short and sweet is the best way to go!

Let’s face it, everyone’s busy!  Most of us don’t have time to read through a long newsletter, and that’s okay because it makes things EASIER for you.

Don’t feel overwhelmed because you think you have to create a long newsletter every week or every month.

Short, sweet, simple and valuable can be VERY effective! 

Make it a goal to stay in front of those that have signed up on your list, because those are the people that really WANT to hear from you.

What is something valuable/helpful (short and sweet) you can send out to your list this week?  Is there a series or a particular theme you can use?  Think about including one or 2 quick tips or a recipe as your “newsletter”.

If you’ve downloaded your FREE, customizable email series 6 Weeks to a More Amazing You, you’ll have 6 weeks of content all ready to go for your newsletter (and blog posts)! See how easy that was?

You can also just highlight one particular healthy, whole food and explain a little about the benefits of it as well as how to use it in a recipe.

BONUS TIP: You can post your content on your blog first, and then when you send out your newsletter, include a preview of the blog post with the link to the post.  This will send more people to your website. 

Just remember to keep it simple. Quality and consistency are key with newsletters.

Pick a day this week where you can plan out at least 3 emails you can send out. If you can’t do weekly, just do bi-weekly or monthly for now. Remember to offer value, quality and something your audience would appreciate learning about.

Have questions? Stop by my Facebook page and leave me a note and I will get back to you.

Happy brainstorming!


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You can download your FREE, customizable 6-week eCoaching series “6 Weeks to a More Amazing You!”  HERE.

If you attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, check the OEF for newsletters you can use.