Do Your Ideal Clients Actually Want Your Help?​

If you ever feel like your message and content isn’t resonating with your audience and you only hear crickets chirping when you post on social media, I’m sure you’d like to figure out why, so you can fix it. 

In part 2 of our 3-part series about figuring out your niche, we’re going to share how to go about figuring out if the niche, or ideal client, that you have identified actually wants your help. We want to make sure you are talking to the people who are actively looking for solutions and are willing to invest to achieve their desired outcomes.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to figure out if the niche, or ideal client, that you have identified actually want your help
  • The signs to watch for from your potential clients that tell you if they are a prime candidate for your coaching services and are willing to pay for it
  • How to fine-tune your marketing to identify your sweet spot so you are only attracting the people that are looking for a way to solve their problem
  • 5 ways you can connect with your ideal clients to get more information to learn if they want your help and if so, what they want

If you want to stop wasting your time attracting the wrong clients (or none at all) and have been looking for the sweet spot in your business, then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for!

To get clarity on your niche and dial in your marketing message so you will be attracting your dream clients, be sure to download The Niche Companion Workbook that shows you exactly what you should be doing based on what we teach in this episode. 

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