How to Plan Your Customer Journey to Improve Client Attraction

If there was one strategy most wellness business owners may not realize is important (and skip over), it’s how to plan your customer journey to improve client attraction.  That means mapping out how your potential clients will go from not knowing anything about you to connecting with you to eventually becoming a client.

In this episode, we are covering what a customer journey is and how it will help generate more sales in your wellness business. We’re also sharing the step-by-step customer journey that we have set up to attract future clients of the Wellness Business Insider’s Club and what steps you can take to implement these strategies in your business.

After listening to this episode, you’ll know:

  • What a customer journey is and how it increases sales in your wellness business
  • How you use a customer journey to grow your email list and convert those people into paying clients at a much quicker rate
  • The process we’ve taken to build our own customer journey leading to the Wellness Business Insider’s Club
  • The 5 steps every customer journey must include to be effective
  • The two ways that you can use the customer journey process to help your clients see better results

Whether you’re just getting started or you are a seasoned health coach, after listening to this episode you’ll be crystal clear on what a customer journey is and the role it plays in making your business profitable.

If you’re interested in learning more about developing your customer journey and access to our new 4 Core Pillars of a Profitable Wellness Business, be sure to join our waitlist to be notified when the doors to the Wellness Business Insider’s Club reopen in February, 2020

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