3 Steps to Improving Your Video Content & Results

Improving your video content and results starts with your presentation skills. Whether your goal is to feel more confident on video or enroll more clients, this episode will be helpful.

These 3 steps can be used for workshops, livestream video, stories, Reels, pre-recorded video, podcast interviews, summits, wellness fairs, etc. For the purposes of this episode though, we are going to be focused on improving your live video presentation skills.

Incorporating a consistent video strategy for your business is the quickest way for your audience to get to know you, which means it will also speed up the customer journey.

Here are 3 steps to becoming a better presenter:

Step #1:  Use Notes (not read off of a script).

You can either keep notes on a piece of paper, a sticky note or Google sheet on your screen.

  • Notes will help you feel more confident in presenting.
  • Notes will keep your live video on track. You won’t wander off into too much information and you won’t forget a key piece of information that you wanted to share.
  • Notes are not only acceptable but encouraged. We both use notes and so do all great speakers.

Step #2:  Know where live video fits into your overall customer journey

  • Presentations in your customer journey can fit into a few different categories… client attraction, client nurturing, client conversion/enrollment.
  • Building relationships which is THE ONE KEY factor to getting clients and live video can do this faster than any other type of content.
  • Planning ahead for consistency is key so you are clear on the type of content you should be creating for each stage of your customer journey.
  • When you are clear on your customer journey and where in that journey live video makes sense, you’ll be an overall better presenter because you’ll be doing it with intention. You’ll also be able to track your results, (i.e.: conversions and engagement), to know if your strategy is working.

Step #3: Learn how to seed your live video with stories & information that naturally leads to program sales

    • There is a time to be seeding and a time to be direct (during a launch or promotion is when to be direct, attraction and nurturing is when to be seeding)
    • It’s easy to seed you program by throwing in phrases like “when I work with my clients” or “in my XYZ program where I create an ABC process”
    • Always mention success stories naturally “when I worked with my client Jane, she lost 15 pounds in the first 2 month we worked together. She shared with me that it was the accountability I offered that was a gamechanger for her.”
    • Quite often on the podcast we’ll mention wins and successes from students that have worked with us in the past in our Wellness Business Accelerator program. When we share stories about what we do in the program, student successes, or new additions to the program we are actually seeding that program. You’ll notice that more often than not we’ll casually mention that you can join the waitlist if you are interested in knowing when we’ll be opening the doors again.

Which of these strategies can you start using with your next videos?

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