3 Ways to Increase Visibility for Your Health Coaching Business with Lisa Simone Richards

There are many ways to get visibility for your health coaching business and when you can do it in a way that’s aligned with your unique gifts, strengths and business goals, it’s even more powerful.

Our guest and friend, Lisa Simone Richards, is a publicity expert who is sharing 3 specific strategies to get in front of your ideal clients in ways you may not have considered.

You’re going to discover the ins and outs of:

  • How to contribute guest content, so you can be found on Google, beyond your own website
  • Providing trainings in masterminds to showcase your expertise
  • Being Featured on Popular Websites to elevate your status, provide social proof and get in front of a new, larger audience

Lisa has so much great insight and we loved learning about her three amazing strategies for getting seen by your ideal clients that most health coaches aren’t doing already.

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