How to Grow Your Instagram Following with Giveaways

If you’d like to know how you can use Instagram giveaways as a health coach to get more followers, you’ll love this episode because we’re giving you the exact plan I used.

I did a giveaway recently that resulted in 210 comments, 234 likes, and 201 new followers. The best part is that it was very easy to do.

We’re breaking down:

  • What a giveaway is, including what to offer and how long to run your giveaway before announcing the winner
  • How you can use giveaways to drive engagement on your posts, which typically leads to more likes and more followers!
  • How to determine the best type of prize for your giveaway, including examples for lots of different niches
  • Exactly how you can promote your giveaway so you can reach the most amount of qualified potential clients
  • …and let’s not forget how to follow Instagram’s rules so you don’t get in trouble when running your giveaway

If you’ve wanted to increase your Instagram following quickly, tune in to learn how you can do that with giveaways!

To get started planning your IG giveaway, I’m sharing my exact giveaway post below, which includes these important elements you’ll want to include too:

  • The prize
  • The benefit of the prize
  • How to enter
  • When the giveaway closes + how you will notify the winner
  • Instagram disclaimer

Here is what I did for my Instagram giveaway

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