Set Yourself Apart as a Health Coach with Instastories

If you want to capture and hold someone’s attention, stories are the way to do it, and Instagram’s Instastories feature allows you to set yourself apart as a health coach so you can attract the right people.    

Using stories on social media is great for getting the word out about what ‘s going on in your business and your personal life, and it really helps people get to know you quicker.  In fact, engagement rates on Instagram stories are just as high as they are on Instagram Live! That’s why Karen and I sat down with Brock Johnson, a master storyteller who tells exceptional stories on Instagram.

You probably have a few questions including: What are Instastories? When do I post them? What do I post?!

In this episode we talk about…

  • The best way to get started doing stories on social media
  • The top tips and best practices to set your stories apart on social media
  • What kind of content works best on stories
  • The best times to post on your Instagram stories and how often to post
  • Growing your following on Instagram and what techniques work well using Instastories

This episode answers all the basics on everything you need to know to get started doing your own stories on Instagram and other social media platforms.

We hope you enjoy it!  Be sure to stop by Brock’s Instagram to say hi and thank him for taking the time to share so many great tips! 

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