It’s amazing  what can happen when you spend time with people that share similar goals and aspirations.

I had the pleasure of spending time with 2 amazing women for a day-long mastermind meeting here in San Diego. During our mastermind day, we took turns brainstorming for each other’s business goals, visions and strategies. One thing that was very apparent was how much more fulfilled you are when your goals and actions are in alignment with your core values and priorities. 

When you plan out your business model, programs and services, it’s critical that your plan is congruent with what you truly want for yourself.  To feel joy and fulfillment, your business has to fit into the life you desire.

Let me give you an example.  It’s of utmost importance to me that I have a flexible schedule since I have 2 children that keep me busy.  I have designed my business around complete flexibility, and it makes it easier to say ‘no’ to the things that would compromise that.   It’s also important to me that I can work from anywhere, so I made sure to have that in place too.   It has all been a work in progress and I continue to fine tune things along the way. My business decisions always come back to the answer to the question “Does this fit into my goals, my vision and my core values?”

Is your business structured in a way that will bring you the most joy and satisfaction (in addition to the income you need)?  If you are just starting out, keep this in mind as you set everything up; your schedule, your offerings, your fees, your commitments, etc.  You may not be able to have the ‘perfect’ structure in place right away, but just map out what your ideal business would look like for you. Ask yourself questions like:  How do I want to feel about my business? What do I want my business to provide for me? How do I want to work? What do I want to avoid?  What are the most important things to me right now?

Here are some things to consider as you figure out how you want to work:

  • Do you want to work from home, and do your coaching via phone or Skype?
  • Does online group coaching appeal to you so you can leverage more of your time?
  • Would you prefer to do your coaching in person (either one-on-one or in groups)?  If the answer is ‘yes’, what would be the best option for you to minimize costs?
  • Do you want to offer a combination of one or more of the above options?

I know there is a lot to consider.

Do you have at least 2 people you can brainstorm with and share ideas with?  It can feel a bit lonely as a new business owner sometimes, so be sure to plug into a great community of support.

If you are a certified health and wellness professional, feel free to join the free Facebook community group I have set up – Health Coach Peer Group Support.  You can connect with other like-minded people, share ideas and get feedback. There is no advertising or marketing of any services in this group – it’s strictly for helping each other.  Please be aware that this group is only for certified wellness professionals.

You can always start your own mastermind group too.

Wishing you a week of new possibilities!

Oh, and be sure to grab your FREE Discovery Session Guide >>HERE<<. You’ll get a complete layout with scripting and ideas of how to lead clients to one of your longer-term coaching programs.


All my best,