3 Things to Focus on Before Your Next Launch to Increase Sales

There are 3 key things to focus on before your next promotion or launch if you want to increase sales because it’s not just what you do during your promotion that will get people to take action.  The time frame before your launch or promotion is considered your pre-launch period and this is important because it’s where you can really warm up your audience and subscribers, build trust and gain interest in your upcoming offer.

On this episode, we’re covering 3 specific things to focus on before your next promotion to increase sales and enrollment in your programs.

You’ll discover:

  • How to show up consistently for your followers and subscribers to warm them up and create curiosity about your program before you launch
  • 5 ways to show up consistently (and how soon before your launch)
  • When to focus on building your email list
  • The benefits of growing your Facebook group prior to promoting your offer

The more your audience knows you, the more likely they are to invest in what you have to offer and the more they are warmed up to the topic you are talking about, the more they will be ready to sign up even before you go to promote your program.

Plan out at least 30 days for this if possible (45 days is even better, but 30 is a good place to start).

1. Show up consistently.   What 2 platforms can you go all in on?

If you’re only on one social media platform right now, start where you are.

Decide where you are going to show up to deliver value and helpful content to your audience and commit to it – at least weekly.  Pick two to start with if you are on more than one.  The goal with this is to share content that is directly related to the program you are launching while also allowing your audience to get to know you. When you do this, you are educating and inspiring your audience and your community around a certain theme or topic.

I just launched my new program called Group Accelerator and 30 or more days before I started to promote it, some of my content was about FB groups. I shared tips about running and growing groups, and our last podcast topic was about how to save time running your group. Back in January, I started a wait list for the program too, so I started planting seeds about it, so I started about 6 weeks in advance, but I tend to do more like 30 days.

One way to do this is to look at common questions you get or questions you see on social media that are related to your niche and the program you will be promoting and use that as inspiration for topics to cover.   

You can also pick topics from your program and share one quick tip about it. Another idea is to address common myths and/or misconceptions. For example, if your program is about intermittent fasting, a common misconception (or even an objection) might be that it sounds complicated and they may be worried they will feel hungry during the day. How can you bust those myths or objections and put people at ease, so they are curious and want to learn more?  You can focus on the benefits and client success stories too to mix things up.

Here are 5 simple ways you can show up consistently:

  • Livestream video – on your page, in your group. Where does it make the most sense for you to go live and how often can you do it?  The more you live video you do, the better, so decide what works for you at this time. Plan on at least once a week.
  • Stay in touch with your email subscribers weekly. You can repurpose content by using the livestream topic for your email and invite people to watch the livestream or replay. Let your subscribers know you are working something exciting for them that you will be sharing more about soon.
  • Social media – you can use a mix of static image posts, video, carousels, stories and reels. Pick 2-3 and go all in.  Not every post needs to be about your program topic, but a majority of them should be.
  • Blog posts – share your post on social media and via email. Your blog post content can be used for livestreams too, so one topic can be used in multiple ways. If you are doing weekly blog posts, each one should tie into your paid program since you will only have time for 4 of them if you have 30 days.
  • Guest opportunities for blog posts, livestreams, podcasts or in their group. This is a great way to get in front of new people, grow your audience and sometimes, also build your email list. Do as many as you can (weekly would be ideal).

Which of these 5 can you commit to doing at least 30 days before your launch?

  • Livestream video
  • Emailing your subscribers at least once a week
  • Social media posts
  • Blog Posts
  • Guest opportunities

2. Build your email list

One of the biggest indicators of the success of your promotion or launch is directly tied to the size and quality of your email list. Are you focusing on list growth before you launch and between launches? This should be an ongoing strategy each and every week.   Some people wait until right before their launch to grow their email list, but when you focus on this on an ongoing basis, you will have new subscribers each and every week, and over time, they really get to know you.   

If you want ideas on how and where to promote your freebie to grow your email list, check out episode 138 where we covered 5 FREE Ways to Promote Your Free Offer to Grow Your Email List.   

3. Grow your Facebook Group

A free Facebook group can be a great step in the customer journey because when people join your group, they see you on video, they also see you as a leader in the group and that starts to build trust right away. The people in your Facebook group get to know you pretty quickly, even more so than through email since they get to interact with you in real time.  Growing your group on a continuous basis will be a big help between launches.  Your group is also a great way to grow your email list, so the two work very well together as part of the customer journey.

For more on how to grow your email list through your group, check out episode 239 where we covered:  How to Use Your Facebook Group to Grow an Email List Full of Warm Leads

What is one thing you can start with now that will help people get to know you and feel connected to you, so when you go to invite them to your program, they know you are the right person to help them?

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